Pet Life Jacket by Body Glove - Yellow

Keeley Belle Eley Dog (Kiwi)!

Official BaxterBoo Pet of the Day for Friday, August 28, 2015

Keeley Belle Eley Dog (Kiwi) is from Mohave Valley, Arizona, and is showcasing our Pet Life Jacket by Body Glove - Yellow.

Says Cindi, Keeley Belle Eley Dog (Kiwi)'s human: "Keeley is 20 months old and loves to go boating and swimming along with her "sister," Zurie who is a 2 year old Papillon. We park the boat at a popular beach along the Colorado River in Arizona and Keeley is nearly beside herself with joy to go to every person and dog to greet and kiss them, she knows she is only a tiny little dog at 6+ pounds so she has a very submissive approach. She is taking time out to relax in her visor in her picture, she always has her life vest on while near the water. She does not like the subsequent bath she must endure upon our return home, but she would say it was well worth the price of a wonderful day!"

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