Grriggles FUNdamentals Ball Dog Toy - Raspberry

Harley Anna Cochran!

Official BaxterBoo Pet of the Day for Monday, August 31, 2015

Harley Anna Cochran is from Fountain, co, and is showcasing our Grriggles FUNdamentals Ball Dog Toy - Raspberry.

Says Rebekah, Harley Anna Cochran's human: "Harley is 11 weeks old (8 in this photo.) She is a full bred miniature longhaired mini dachshund. Her favorite hobbies include taunting squeaky, stalking the caterpillars, and chasing her favorite rubber ball. She loves sunbathing and playing with her poodle friend next door named Lexie. She is a proud family protector and a great cozy friend. "

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