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November 7, 2012

Dog Lovers Will Want This for Christmas!

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We've promoted some of Seth Casteel's amazing underwater dog photography, especially during the dog days of summer as sort of a subliminal cool-off message when it was just so dang hot! His images went viral with over 150 million views/shares this last year. (We like to think we helped a little.)

Seth Casteel has just released a new coffee-table book that we will all want to get our paws on. At $20, this will be the perfect gift for yourself and other dog lovers this Christmas! It's available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Also check out the 2013 wall calendar as well. You may be wondering why we're promoting a book that we don't even carry. Not only is Mr. Casteel a talented photographer with a gift for capturing animals with an amazing range of expressions, he's just an all-around good guy and animal advocate.

Rocco, the Boston Terrier, age 7.

How Casteel's Life Went to the Dogs

Seth Casteel believes in destiny. According to CNN, Casteel began volunteering at a shelter in Los Angeles while working in at Sony Pictures in advertising. He started taking flattering photos of adoptable dogs that showed off their personalities, a departure from the usual pics that often show up on shelter sites.

The photos were so successful in increasing adoption rates that Casteel launched a non-profit called Second Chance Photos that has taken him all over the country and the world as he trains shelter workers how to photograph dogs to show off their best attributes and increase their adoption rates as well.

Casteel:  A "Man of Steel?"

He does slightly resemble Clark Kent...

Apparently, Casteel wasn't just content to help from behind the lens of a camera. He found a stray Weimaraner on a busy road and, with the help of a stranger, they managed to get the dog to safety. The men started talking about his photography work at the shelter, and Casteel was recruited to photograph the man's dog. Fueled by word of mouth, a pet photography business was born. Eventually, one subject led Casteel into a pool, and a simple yet stunning idea took root.

Some of his underwater dog photographs got picked up by social media outlets back in February of 2012 and were so popular that his website,, shut down with the overwhelming traffic demands.

It's truly an amazing story that shows nice guys can do good things and still make a buck! We wish Seth Casteel all the best and thank him for using his craft to share the joy and wonder of man's best friend.

Oshi, Cocker Spaniel, age 6

Photos courtesy of the Little Friends Photo blog.

Susan on November 7 at 12:24 PM said:

Thanks so much for sharing this! Just ordered the book and the calendar for gifts for my husband (really for me)!
Cheryl A. Gentz on November 7 at 4:37 PM said:

Hello, I became a fan of Mr.Casteel when he was photographing dogs up for adoption in shelters. And now this, I have seen some of his latest photos in a magazine and fell in love again ! This guy is the best , the absolute best !

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