'Dogtoberfest' 2013 With Dachshund Style


BaxterBoo.com started in 2006 in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Back then, we were shipping out of our co-founder's garage. We haven't forgotten our roots, so we like to give back to the community that helped launch our business! Every year, Highlands Ranch hosts a spectacular Oktoberfest that features a Dachshund Race. 

A Dachshund is anxious to start racing

The History of Dachshund Racing

Dachshund racing started back in the 1970's in Australia. Dachshunds used to be used for hunting badgers and other burrowing animals, so now that hunting is not as common, racing Dachshunds has become a sport enjoyed by these energetic, feisty pups. The Australian races were quite informal, even allowing other breeds to participate. Racing Dachshunds didn't become popular in the United States until 1993.

A contestant gives her mamma a kiss

A Bit of Controversy

Animal rights activists have complained that the Dachshund races are disrespectful and may injure the dogs that are prone to spine injuries due to their long bodies. Concerns have also been voiced that Dachshunds may be discarded if they don't win. In this particular race, safety precautions were taken with a shorter track this year and loving handling of devoted family members who obviously dote on their precious pets. And while the prizes we offered were nice, the competition isn't that stiff. 

Co-founder Deanna supervising the prizes

BaxterBoo.com co-founder Deanna supervises the prize baskets

How it Works

The racing track is usually between 25 and 50 feet long with one person releasing the hound at the starting line, and another person trying to coax the dog to the finish line with treats or a favored toy. Most of these races are pretty casual and feature family pets that may or may not choose to run the track. Dachshund races are typically background entertainment during a larger event.

On your mark...

As you can see, the Doxie Races at the Highlands Ranch Oktoberfest are a lot of fun, particularly since most of the dogs have a mind of their own, choosing to stay with the owner at the starting line, playing with other dogs, or leaving the track. Very few dogs actually finish the race. Watching the owners is equally entertaining as they go to great lengths to get their dog's attention.  

The dogs and owners are excited to start!

The folks in Highlands Ranch have opted to construct a chute with netted dividers in an effort to keep the dogs safe and focused, but the Dachshunds still manage to outsmart the course! Still, there were pooches who took the race seriously and we did have winners!

First Prize went to Sadie. They won a $200 BaxterBoo.com gift certificate along with a large basket of goodies.

Our First Place Winner

Shae took second place. They won a $100 BaxterBoo.com gift certificate along with a basket full of great stuff.

2nd Place Winner

Ray Tannenbaum with Shae, 2nd Place Winner

Our third place winner was Twinkle. Twinkle has been our first-place winner the last couple of years (for which her mom was a apologetic.) We said, "It's not like your dog has been cheating!" Twinkle still won a great prize with a $50 certificate and basket full of treats. 

3rd Place Winners

We also had a costume contest with several great participants, but Max took first place, dressed as a spider. He'll get to enjoy a $100 BB gift certificate and a basket of yummy treats and toys.

Max was our costume contest winner

We'd like to thank the Highlands Ranch Community Association for allowing us to participate in such a great event!







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