French Bulldog Replaces Kardashian in Skechers Ad


Kim Kardashians 72-hour marriage has been exploding in the media. Its come to the point that every time I receive a US Weekly magazine in the mail, my husband automatically asks, Whats Kim Kardashian doing now?

She's had so much media attention that Ive actually started to produce an up-chuck reflex every time I see her face. Since Ive started to avoid any news containing the reality TV star that sold her soul to the media, it was unlikely that I would be very fond of a recent news article.

However, this particular article was so good in fact; I felt compelled to write about it.

The popular shoe brand, Skechers, had Kim Kardashian as a spokesperson for a while now. However, according to Omidog!, Skechers Fitness has decided to replace the TV star in its Super Bowl ad with a dog!

Perfect? I know! The ad will replace her with a French bulldog wearing Skechers GOrun shoes. The bulldog is shown racing a pack of Grayhounds at a track.

Even though a silly commercial, the ad is sure to bring in interest from a wide variety of people, as opposed to strictly Kardashian lovers. The company is hoping to establish its name as more than a lifestyle company, according to company president Leonard Armato.

When asked about Kardashians cancelled contract, company CEO Robert Greenberg explained that her contact came to an end, and it was decided to not be renewed.

Even though she technically wasnt dropped or replaced from the ad, the hilarity still remains that a dog is taking her place. I dont know about you, but I would much rather watch a French bulldog strut his stuff on TV then to look at Kim Kardashians face for the zillionth time.

Who do you prefer in the ad, a French bulldog or Kim Kardashian? Tell us in a comment below or on our Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of: Black Sports Online and Omidog!

Submitted by Deanna.

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