Great Gear for Camping With Your Dog


The Essential Dog Pack

Dogs like to feel like they have a job, especially the working breeds. Let your buddy feel important and carry their own supplies in a dog pack as you hike through the wilderness. We carry a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit most any breed. Perfect for carrying food, water, treats, and other supplies. Keep in mind that it is recommended that your dog carry no more than 25-30% of their body weight.

Featured photo submitted by Lena. Her dog, Oaklee, from Cropseyville, New York, is wearing our Recreational Approach Dog Pack by Ruffwear in Glacial Blue.

Don't let bugs bug your buddy

Getting deep into the woods can put your pup at risk for ticks, fleas, and other biting/stinging insects. Be sure to have your dog use a preventative. We carry a wide variety of insect-repelling dog t-shirts, bandanas, and beds to keep your dog safe. Check out our Sentry Natural Defense 3-month Flea/Tick Squeeze-On Treatment for Dogs. It even repels mosquitoes to prevent heartworm!

Paws need protection

Grip Trex Dog Boots

You wouldn't hike without protective footwear. For dogs hiking over granite, lava, and other rough or hot surfaces, protective footwear could make all the difference for your dog's comfort. We've heard of far too many stories of large dogs being abandoned in the mountains that couldn't walk anymore after sustaining foot injuries. Thankfully, there are now great products with state-of-the-art materials to ensure your dog's paws stay safe.

Water Safety

If you'll be camping by the lake or boating, a dog life vest is important for small dogs and very lean, muscular dogs like boxers. Certain breeds, like Daschunds, are not good swimmers, are quick to sink, or get fatigued easily. Life vests will let you be assured that your beloved pet will be safe. Not only do they help dogs stay afloat, but they also help keep pups visible and provide an easy retrieval handle should your dog jump off the boat.

Flotation Jacket by Doggles

This is Wally in Auburn, Maine sporting the Flotation Jacket by Doggles.

Dog Jackets

Depending on your region, there are a variety of jackets that might be appropriate for your dog. If you are camping in an area with wide temperature swings, an extra layer of warmth might be helpful for some dogs. Consider one of our hoodies or a fleece to keep your pet warm at night.

Dogs in rainy areas could benefit from one of our many rain jacket styles. Our personal recommendation is one of the Pitter Patter Packable Rain Jackets as they pack very compactly.

If you are in a hot climate, some dogs require a cooling jacket. Our Swamp Cooler jacket by RuffWear is very effective at cooling dogs. This is particularly important in breeds with short muzzles and dark-colored dogs with coats that absorb heat.

Stuff to see Spot

It's important to be able to keep an eye on your dog. Many of our dog jackets, leashes, and collars have reflective features, but we also carry products with LED lights that can easily attach to a collar, a lead, or pack. Many of these lights come in different colors or have different flashing features so that multiple dogs can be differentiated from each other. Some of the lights are embedded into the collars and leashes themselves.

Another great idea is to make your dog "visible" to bears so they don't get surprised by each other. But as bears do not see terribly well, the best way to notify them of your dog's presence is to put one of our bear bells on your dog's collar. This is a great tool for camping and hiking, but also for dogs that live in rural areas with bears. It's also nice to be able to track your dog's whereabouts with an auditory signal as well as a visual one. 

First Aid for Fido

Active dogs can find themselves in trouble sometimes. Having a first aid kit for your dog can provide peace of mind by providing care for your pet when veterinary help may be unavailable. Check out our wide selection of dog first aid supplies. Don't forget the Dog Sunscreen too! 

Pet First Aid Kit

Travel bowls, bottles, and beds, oh my! has lots of travel bowls and bottles to make your camping, hunting and hiking experiences easier to manage while caring for your dog. The bowls are packable, collapsible, and some are even disposable and biodegradable.

My favorite watter bottles are the new inversion water bottles. Simply turn the water bottle upside down and the spout is activated by licking. No bowl. No mess. Some water bottles offer their own drinking reservoir.

 Of course no item says "love" to your dog like a comfortable bed after a long hike. Check out our selection of camping beds to keep your canine companion comfortable outdoors.

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