Home Alone - Tips for Leaving Fido Home All Day


Weigh Your Options

What options do you have when you have to go to work all day?

  • Leave your dog at a pet daycare. True, this option is expensive, but at least you know he is getting a walk and some playtime.
  • Hire a dog sitter. A cheaper option, but still has an effect on the wallet. If you get a good dog sitter however, you will have comfort knowing that your dog is getting a walk, maybe going to the park for a few games of fetch, and possibly even a treat or two!
  • The last option, and the one that the majority of us resort to, is leaving him home alone. Let's talk about some things that won't cost you much more thansome energy and an extra hour of sleep. 

Your New Year's Resolution can be to your Dog's benefit

So you promised to loose a couple pounds this year? Awesome, do so by getting some hearty exercise with your dog every morning. I know, getting up an hour early doesn't sound fun, but it is the difference between a happy dog and an unhappy dog. Be sure to exert as much energy as possible out of your dog; a quick walk around the block is not the type of excercise we are talking about. We are talking about a nice jog or run that gets yours and your dogs heart rate up. Of course we recommend you don't overwork your dog. Be sure to take into account age, weight, and health of your dog before going on a 5k run every morning. This initial exercisein the morning will make your dog tired and give him the day to relax!

Busy is Better

Busy Buddies are not toys that were made just because. They are the perfect solution to keeping your dog entertained and can be especially helpful when it comes to training. Busy Buddies are treat filled toys that release treats as they are played with. This means your dog is rewarded for playtime while you are away. Kong toys a similar product and another good option. Regardless of what you use, the aforementioned toys or simply raw hide bones, leave your dog with some toy or treat that will last the majority of the day. 

A Little Additional Help

Of course it is not possible for everyone, some of us live in apartments, condos, or rental homes; however, if you have the chance, install a doggie door. The price can vary depending on size and style that you choose, my suggestion to you is spend a little more money if you can afford it upfront. The higher-end doggie doors will let less draft through the door and keep your utilities bill lower when you are trying to heat or cool your home.


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