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May 24, 2014

How to Keep Pets Safe This Memorial Day

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What can be better than a holiday that honors our veterans and unofficially kicks off summer? Traveling, cookouts and family events make for a fun extended weekend. But don't forget Fido this Memorial Day. They can get lost or hurt in the hustle and bustle. 

Safe travels

If you're traveling for a mini vacation or to be with family, it's important to think about your pets. If your pet is to join you on your adventures, be sure to have them safely secured in either a carrier that can be belted in or with a car harness. Not only will this help protect your pet in the event of an accident, it will keep your pet from interfering with your driving. 

If you do opt to travel with your pets, remember:

Never leave pets in a car!

For more information on how to spot the signs of heat exhaustion in dogs, read, How to Spot a Hot Dog: 4 Signs Your Dog Could Be in Trouble.

If your pets are staying home, be sure to have safe accommodations either in a vetted boarding facility or have a neighbor look in on independent-type pets (i.e., cats, hamsters and reptiles.) Dogs that are used to a routine may prefer to stay at home. Consider hiring a student back from college to take your pet out for walks and for feedings. 

Cookout safety

If you're keeping your holiday more local and opting for a barbecue, pets often love to be in the center of the festivities. Playing kids, aromatic foods and lots of belly rubs can be a dog's dream come true.

If your dog is a social butterfly, it's still important to keep a close watch on them to be assured that they don't eat foods they shouldn't that are offered by well-meaning guests. Some dogs are masters at sneaking their own snacks. Remember that chocolate and onions are toxic to dogs. 

Even well-socialized pets can become stressed by unfamiliar sounds or boisterous children. Watch for signs of social fatigue and offer a safe retreat for dogs and cats who need a break.

If your pet isn't exactly a party animal, create a safe space with favorite toys, approved snacks and perhaps play some soothing music to drown out party noise. A fan can also create white noise to dampen the sounds of the gathering. One of our pressure anti-anxiety wraps can also be used for especially-nervous cats or dogs. 

Remember ID

While you may want your own ID so as not to be confused with someone underage, it's even more important for pets to have their identification. (But of course we won't be letting our pets have unauthorized beverages.) 

With all of the fun of family and friend gatherings, a guest can accidentally leave a gate unlatched, or an indoor cat can slip out through an open screen door. For these reasons, it's important to always have your pets' tags up to date. For more information on tags you can update yourself or microchipping, click here.


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