Proper Petiquette: Visiting a Friend’s Home


Having a well-behaved dog can sometimes be the difference between having friends and not. If you and your pup are invited to a friend’s house, you both better be on your best behavior so you will be invited back. We have some helpful tips on the proper etiquette for your dog when visiting a friend’s home (for you, human, you need to remember what your momma taught you as a kid).

Go Prepared – Whether you are staying for a few hours or for a few weeks, be sure to pack a bag for your dog. Bring all the things your dog might need like waste bags, toys, treats, food, bed, dishes, etc. Your friend was gracious enough to invite you over, but they shouldn’t have to provide everything for your pooch.

Open Your Eyes – Once you and your pup are at your friend’s house, don’t think of it as a doggy daycare. You need to keep your eyes peeled and pay attention to what your dog is up to. If he wanders off, go check on him. You would hate it if your dog wandered off and did something inappropriate like dig a hole in the yard or rifle through someone’s underwear drawer (it does happen).

Leave Directions – If you plan on an extended stay at a friend’s  house and you need to leave your dog at the house while you aren’t around, make sure to inform your friend and leave directions for care. Don’t just skip out and pawn your dog off on someone, that’s a bad houseguest! Also, don’t plan on your friend being a babysitter for you all the time, bring a crate with you so you are not relying on your friend too much and bordering on overstaying your welcome.

Clean Up – It’s only fair that when you are getting ready to leave your friend’s house (whether you got kicked out or not), to clean up after your pup. Check the yard for waste, pick up the mess of toys and sweep the floor is your dog had messy paws or a messy treat. Even if your friend tells you not to, offering at least lets them know that you care about keeping clean and intended on leaving without a trace.

Above and Beyond – If you really want to impress your friend and increase your chance of another invite, bring gifts for their dog. Dog toys and treats are always a good bet at impressing the fur child.


Hopefully we’ve helped you think all the way through a trip to a friend’s house with your dog in tow. Just remember to be on your best behavior and be prepared with all the essentials for your dog.

Do you have any additional tips on the proper etiquette when visiting someone’s home with your dog? Share it with us!

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Peg on November 9 at 1:36 PM said:

I have a question that follows this thought. My step son was living in the home that belonged to his father, and we have recently moved back to this house. He has a cat and a dog, and because of the cat especially, we will not be able to put a Christmas tree up this year. Also, a lot of my 'things' that I like to have sitting on the coffee table, etc., have not been unpacked because of the likelihood that they will be broken, or ruined by the cat. The stepson is moving away in the spring, and my concern is that when he comes back to visit, he will want to bring the pets along. I am trying to tactfully make sure that they do not come with him, because I am not willing to forego a tree at Christmas, and put all the breakables away. How do I make sure he knows that he is welcome, but the pets are not?
What do you think?

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