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September 7, 2013

5 Reasons NOT to Get a Pet

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5. Don't get a pet as a fashion accessory

Whether you're a gangsta looking for a tough dog to give you street cred, or a diva who thinks that little dog would look fantastic in that designer bag, reducing an adoring pet to a mere embellishment to enhance the ego is simply poor taste. Prospective pet owners need to be committed to their pets for the life of the animal and not regard them as something to be disposed of when styles change.

Now getting accessories for your pets to enhance the amount of attention they get? That is totally authorized and recommended!

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4. Don't get a pet just because they need you

Everyone likes to feel like a hero. But don't adopt a pet simply because the pet is injured or sad looking. Adopt the pet that is the best fit for you and your family. Maybe you are the right fit for a special-needs pet because you are a quiet, patient person with a lot of time and energy to give. Just be sure to work with your local shelter to know what you're getting into.

Dogs and cats sent to the shelter for a second time with a "failed adoption" label have less of a chance for getting adopted again (and may not make it out alive.) So adopt wisely and don't let pity alone be what guides you.

3. Don't get a pet just for a child

A pet does best as part of the family pack. An adult needs to be dedicated to a pet's well being so their needs don't slip through the cracks. Often a child will promise that they will religiously take care of this soon-to-be best friend. The truth of the matter is, during the 10 – 15 year lifespan of the average dog, or 15-20 year lifespan of a cat, a child will go through many life stages and the family pet’s relationship will change with the child. It is unrealistic to saddle a child with total responsibility for the family pet and threaten to get rid of it if the child is not providing that care. It is not fair to the child or the pet.


2. Don't get a pet solely for protection

While dogs are good at looking out for their humans and property, having a dog only for security reasons is not fair to dogs bred for companionship. Dogs are pack animals and will best serve and protect the ones they are bonded with. A dog needs more than just a bowl of food and water. They need affection, socialization and involvement in indoor family activities. It's the least you can do for a creature willing to lay down his life for you. 

Lonely Guard Dog


1. Don't get a pet as a gift for someone else

Getting a gift for someone else is a risky idea. I saw a rather poignant advertisement designed to bring attention to the problem of giving pets as gifts. It said, "Sweaters aren't killed when they are returned." It is a sad reality that thousands of unwanted animals are euthanized daily in the United States.

Please offer your support to a loved one who wants to adopt, but let them decide on the perfect pet for themselves. A solid match is the best gift to a dog or cat too!


Of course there are plenty of great reasons to adopt a pet. Share with us about a pet who has made a difference in your life!

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