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June 26, 2014

Watch This: Fish Inspires Terrier To Do The Dog Paddle

Jazzy, the Wire Haired Fox Terrier, meets a fish for the first time. You'll get a kick out of her funny reaction!

June 26, 2014

Miracle: Chihuahua Lost on Busy Mountain Highway Found Days Later

Bella jumped from her owner's moving car and evaded rescue attempts for nearly three days. Find out how her pink sweater helped to save her!

June 25, 2014

Watch This: Cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Giggling Baby Play

We're not sure who's cuter! Both will melt your heart and brighten your day.

June 24, 2014

Watch This: Boston Terrier Meets Stuffed Double

We're not sure if this guy was looking for a buddy or worried about being replaced. Either way, his expression is priceless!

June 21, 2014

Meet the Breed: The Pyrenean Mastiff

The Pyrenean Mastiff is an enormous guardian with a heart for his family. Find out if this rare breed could be for you.

June 18, 2014

Watch This: When Opposites Attract

Who knew that a Chihuahua and a Mastiff could be BFFs? Watch these cute dogs play and be amazed!

June 17, 2014

Watch This: Cute Bulldog Puppy Rolls Herself Downhill

English Bulldog puppies are cute, but this one has taken adorable to a whole new level!

June 14, 2014

Watch This: Doxies Really Dig Bath Time

I bet you wish your kids (or grandkids) would get this excited for a bath!

June 12, 2014

Watch This: Guilty Sheltie

We all have a thing for carbs, and this dog is no exception! Especially when it's homemade bread!

June 1, 2014

Watch This: Chihuahua Puppy Wants Out!

This cute tiny pup will melt your heart with her chirping howl. She doesn't like being put in time out!

May 8, 2014

Watch This: Best Day of My Life - Dog Version

This popular song was refilmed from a dog's perspective, which makes it even more fun!

May 7, 2014

Watch This: Big Brother Bernese Walks Puppy

It's nice when siblings get along, and even better when they look out for each other. Watch what this Bernese Mountain Dog does!

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