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May 19, 2016

The Best Gifts for Animal Lovers

Everyone knows at least one crazy cat lady or dog loving dude. Give them the gifts they really want this year, something they will treasure for all nine of their cat’s lives. Baxter Boo has a wide assortment of gift options for every animal lov

May 18, 2016

Summer Style for Your Top Dog

It isn’t called the ‘dog days of summer’ for no reason. Show off your pup in this season’s hottest outfits.  Whether your pup prefers muscle tanks or floral dresses, Baxter Boo has you covered. Your dog wants to look cool

May 17, 2016

How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy on a Sailboat

If you happen to be one of those people who loves dogs and sailing, at one time or another you have probably wondered about the practicality of boating with pets. You’ll be happy to know that many people take their dogs sailing all the time! Al

May 16, 2016

How to Travel With a Cat

Whether you’re taking a short road trip or traveling across the country, visiting extended family or moving, you might find you need to travel with your cat from time to time. Traveling with a cat includes some unique challenges. Unlike dogs, w

May 15, 2016

Too Much Food: Preventing Your Dog From Overeating

Obesity is a serious problem in both humans and canines. If your dog becomes overweight, then it faces some serious health complications, including an increased risk of heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. In the event that you notice your pooch is

May 14, 2016

Watch This: Need a Cup of Coffee?

It looks like it may have been a late night!

May 14, 2016

Tick Season and Keeping Your Dogs Safe

There is no doubt that ticks are an annoyance. But what many pet owners don’t realize is that ticks of certain kinds can be a serious danger to your dogs and cats.

May 13, 2016

The Ragdoll Cat: A Friendly and Affectionate Companion

If you're a cat lover, but you're looking for a special animal that has a great personality, then a ragdoll cat might be just what you're looking for. These beautiful, friendly felines can offer wonderful life time companionship to households.

May 13, 2016

Watch This: Yorkie Enjoying a Car Ride

This makes me ready for the weekend!

May 12, 2016

Watch This: Cute Puppy Stretches!

A good belly rub in the morning is always the best!

May 11, 2016

How to Travel in Style with Your Feline

Traveling with a cat might get you a few strange looks, but it is actually quite a common occurrence. However, in order to ensure the trip is not a disaster and your cat does not turn into a version of the Tasmanian Devil, it is best to do a little r

May 11, 2016

Watch This: Pounce and a Miss!

Okay, all together a different animal, but we had to share!

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