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Grriggles Rubber Stick Dog Toys

IB# 2675
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Sheelah's Testimonal (Via Email)

This is my first order from BB. I originally left a messasge about an experience I had placing my order and their customer service emailed me imediately in an effort to esuage the situation. Job Done. Kudos, they really care about us! My order arrived and the quality is so far beyond Pet Smart or other mail orders for pets. OMG, the coat is pure couture and lined in silk satin. I'm in love. If my seamstress doesn't make it for PheeBea, then I will buy it from Baxter Boo. Can't wait to do it again

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Product Information

Add some color to any dog’s playtime with these bright and durable rubber dog toys. Grriggles® Rubber Sticks are great to chew and fun to chase.

Choose from 5 colors.

Each rubber stick dog toy is 12.5" Long and weighs 10.5 ounces.

IB# 2675
(23 Reviews)
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| Posted On 02/04/16 by J. from St. Jospeh, MO

This rubbery toy is perfect. My dog who doesn't usually chew on things love this toy and it keeps him busy.

Yes, J. recommends this product.
| Posted On 12/07/15 by Phyllis W from Philadelphia, PA

Perfect toy for my sisters dog. She is a 56lb dog and loves chasing it.

Yes, Phyllis W recommends this product.
| Posted On 11/28/15 by AU from Newark, NJ

This is a good product. The large is a little too big for a medium size dog. But it is definitely a creative idea and a good product for dogs who like to chew on things

Yes, AU recommends this product.
| Posted On 08/25/15 by KATHRYN R from RIO RANCHO, NM

This is a great chew toy but I thought it was going to be not so thick and it is not useful for Zora my Yorkie who isn't much bigger than this toy. Fortunately my Rocky who is a bigger dog has been enjoying it.

Yes, KATHRYN R recommends this product.
| Posted On 08/06/15 by Kelly T from St. Catharines , Canada,

I bought the griggles stick not knowing what to expect! It's actually pretty heavy and well made ... I don't recommend throwing it inside to play with because it could do damage! But for outside its fine! She's teething and loves to chew on it and the rubber hasn't flaked off!

Yes, Kelly T recommends this product.
| Posted On 07/24/15 by Brittany from ,

It's a little heavier than I expected, but other than that, it's great.

Yes, Brittany recommends this product.
| Posted On 07/23/15 by Brittany from ,

It's a little heavier than I expected it to be. Other than that, it's exactly what I thought.

Yes, Brittany recommends this product.
| Posted On 06/11/15 by Horseshowmom from Rural, NC

I bought one of these for my hard-chewing little roughneck rat terrier. It worked so well that I ordered two more for my daughter's Labs, who like to bring sticks inside but aren't supposed to. These are really sturdy toys.

Yes, Horseshowmom recommends this product.
| Posted On 06/03/15 by DogMa from PDX, OR

My rescue GSD loved this and was not able to destroy it. That being said, I do not leave my dogs unsupervised with chew toys, so given enough time, it might have been devoured.

Yes, DogMa recommends this product.
| Posted On 05/31/15 by Kristine K from Thornton, CO

Purchased it for a fiends dog. He said it was great and better than a real stick. They go to the park and every one ask where they can get one like it. So happy they are enjoying it

Yes, Kristine K recommends this product.
| Posted On 05/28/15 by June K from Mount Prospect, IL

Nice, heavy rubber. I hope it keeps my pup busy.

Yes, June K recommends this product.
| Posted On 02/19/15 by Sarah B from Buffalo, NY

I found this item in an attempt to replace a rubber tree I had purchased last year for our pit. He loves that stick but unfortunately the growing pup got a little hungry and chewed it - I found these - really high qualify, a good heavy toy for a powerful dog and half the price of what I paid earlier. Awesome!

Yes, Sarah B recommends this product.
| Posted On 02/18/15 by Julie from , RI

My 80lb shepherd lab super-chewer absolutely loves this toy, but we have to keep it as a special occasion toy-- otherwise he chews pieces off very quick. The solid rubber is relatively durable for all types of adventures (water/woods/snow), and it has a good length and weight for my big guy. Just wish he couldn't chew through it cause he loves it so much. Searches around the house for it even; we have to hide it!

Yes, Julie recommends this product.
| Posted On 01/04/15 by Nicole from , TX

This item is very well made but it's a bit heavier than I expected. My Golden Retriever is a smaller female and it's too heavy for her to carry around. She loves to chew on it though so it's great for that if nothing else! But I'd recommend this for bigger dogs if using to play fetch.

Yes, Nicole recommends this product.
| Posted On 12/31/14 by Heidi Y from Evansville, IN

love the stick chew toy. she will fetch and chew for hours. great for new puppies. Can't wait for warmer weather when we can enjoy this toy outside.

Yes, Heidi Y recommends this product.
| Posted On 12/02/14 by Christine L from Lisle, IL

Really well made toy!! This one will last! Love it..

Yes, Christine L recommends this product.
| Posted On 11/10/14 by jameese v from , NY

we gave it to our border collie/lab mix puppy (6 mo old) and he started chewing it apart so we took it away from him.. we will use more a fetch toy with supervision.

Yes, jameese v recommends this product.
| Posted On 10/07/14 by DonnaMarie E from Sewell, NJ

These are great for playing catch! Unfortunately, my french bulldog is also a chewer, we left it on the floor and he had it in pieces within 15 minutes. I am giving this a 3 star review, if you dog does not have the need to chew, this is a GREAT catch and retrieve item.

| Posted On 12/07/13 by Jennifer R from Nashua, MT

These toys are very durable and much safer than actual sticks. I got these for my two dogs, one is teething and the other just likes to chew. These are exactly what I expected them to be. My dogs absolutely love them!

Yes, Jennifer R recommends this product.
| Posted On 11/11/13 by Sabrina T from Sewell, NJ

My boy is a big chewer that loves to pick up sticks, run around with them, and chew on them. It gave me a heart attack every time he used to pick up sticks because he could hurt himself on them. So I bought a couple of these for him. They have been here for 4 months and they are still in very good shape. He hasn't been able to chew through them and they are much safer for him to fetch and run around with than an actual stick. This is a great toy for chewers and dogs who like to fetch!

Yes, Sabrina T recommends this product.
| Posted On 11/09/13 by Heather A from , PA

I thought this stick looked awesome online, but it was too big and heavy for my pug. She'll chew on it from time to time but only if I hold it. I recommend this product but for larger dogs only.

Yes, Heather A recommends this product.
| Posted On 11/08/13 by Veronica W from Asheville, NC

My boy loves playing fetch with this!

Yes, Veronica W recommends this product.
| Posted On 11/07/13 by coleen o from , MI

this is an amazing toy for larger dogs...great for chewing

Yes, coleen o recommends this product.