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Rooster Dog Hat by Dogo
Emmy and Silver !

Official BaxterBoo Pet of the Day for Friday, September 27, 2013

Emmy and Silver are from La Quinta, Ca, and are showcasing our Rooster Dog Hat by Dogo.

Says Michelle, Emmy and Silver 's human: "Hee hee! What a funny day! These arrived by Baxter Boo-Boo! Meaning, we didn't order them, they accidentally shipped these instead of the reindeer hats we purchased -lol! I think our cat's expression clearly conveys his feelings about this error ;D! We contacted Baxter Boo about their boo-boo and they were so sweet and apologetic and immediately shipped the correct, reindeer hats out and also a pre-paid shipped label for the wrong ones. They also asked us to post this pic, because they thought it was super adorable ...they are ALWAYS the funnest shop! Even their mistakes are happy accidents ! Lol!"

Emmy and Silver Won a $25 BaxterBoo Gift Card!
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