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Official BaxterBoo Pet of the Day for Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Rudy is from Villa Rica, Georgia.

Says Maryann, Rudy's human: "Rudy is a 4 year old Golden. Never in our lifetime have we seen such a kind, loving, smart and wonderful dog. We had goldens before but he takes the cake. We got him when he was 4 months old. We thought we were buying a purebred Golden from a reputable breeder, but little did we know we would be rescuing him from a filthy and abusive environment. We bought him and took him home, bathed him several times to clean his body, as he was kept in a closed dark shed with other siblings. He was full of anxiety. We took him for his first vet check, got his shots and had him dewormed. It wasn't long before we learned he had hip dysplasia. He walked but also jumped like a reindeer. We worked with him, loved him, exposed him to grandchildren who laid on the floor next to him so he would know he was loved. Rudy has the best personality we have ever seen. You would think he was a lucky dog we discovered him but I think we are the blessed ones to have him. Rudy is the one on the left in the picture with his sister Lucy."

Rudy Won 2,500 Baxter Bux!
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