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September 13, 2020

Dressing Your Pup for Halloween? 7 Small Dog Costumes To Consider

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There’s a slight chill to the otherwise humid late summer air. Leaves are starting to change. School buses are whooshing down neighborhood streets. This could only mean one thing: Halloween is just around the corner! While your friends may laugh when they see that you have already decorated your house for your favorite holiday, you know that setting the scene and choosing the right costume for your little pup are two of the best ways to celebrate Halloween in style. Here are seven small dog costumes to consider for your canine companion:

1. Superhero Gear

Can’t get enough of Marvel movies and their gigantic cast of superheroes? If your dog likes acting like a deity, dress him up as one with this Thor costume from Marvel . If you love Iron Man, we’ve got a costume for that too . If you’re feeling patriotic this Halloween or you’re attending a party with an America theme, well, who better to attend than Captain America ? Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten our female companions: your girl can come to the party as her superhero self —aka Wonder Woman . Last but not least, you can honor the late Chadwick Boseman by dressing your pup in full Black Panther gear .


2. Fancy Girls

If your pup doesn’t mind wearing a fluffy skirt, consider the Zebra and Turquoise Pet Tutu to dress your best friend in style this Halloween. While there’s no specific theme here like monsters, superheroes, or detectives, this little number is festive enough to go with any occasion, and can also be worn for another holiday or birthday party in the future as it doesn’t feel specifically Halloween-themed. Dress it up with a bow if you’d like. Feel free to wear a matching or color-coordinated outfit for yourself! Another great choice for those who feel extra-girly this Halloween is this bright pink Barbie Girl Velour Tracksuit .


3. Disney Inspired

Are you in love with Disney movies? Some childhood obsessions never go out of style: with the right costume, you’ll be ready to rock a Disney-inspired Halloween theme! Dress your little dog in a Beauty and the Beast costume to celebrate one of your favorite movies. You’ll be sure to get bonus points from your neighborhood trick-or-treaters for dressing like Belle — or another member of the cast — yourself. For the villainous, check out this wickedly-cool Maleficent costume .


4. Sensitive Buddies

Is your little friend sensitive and sweet? He might not like being dressed up in a ruffly, scratchy, or overwhelming piece of fabric. Try this soft, simple Dog 1 Tank instead. He’ll still get all the love from your friends and family, but he’ll be more comfortable in this soft tank that will gently hug his body without being too tight. For those in a hotter climate who are worried about pets overheating during a sticky, humid Halloween this year: This tank is breathable as it is made from 100% cotton. Another great choice for small dogs who would prefer to wear a t-shirt rather than an elaborate costume is this Dr. Woof Dog Costume by Parisian Pet. If your pup will tolerate something on his back but not a shirt that wraps around his whole body, try these simple Bat Wings to complete this year’s Halloween Festivities. It’ll give your pup just the right touch of spookiness without upsetting him.


5. Island Times

If you and your pup are more of the laid back type — or if you plan a Hawaiian theme for your Halloween party — check out this Casual Canine Hawaiian Breeze shirt . It’s soft, breathable, and perfectly sized for a small dog’s body. Best of all, you and your dog can wear matching island gear while handing out candy to neighborhood kids! If you want to accessorize, check out this Hawaiian hat complete with matching sunglasses. These are perfect outfits for warmer areas or more tropical Halloweens as well: You’ll be able to take your pup from inside to outside (and maybe even into the pool) with these cool, breezy costumes.


6. Distinguished Dogs

Most dogs will happily comply with a silly costume if it makes their owner happy, but older dogs — or those with a more discerning attitude — will turn up their noses at any attempt at frivolity on their owner’s part. If this is the case for your pup, check out these more distinguished outfits like the Sherlock Hound costume complete with the matching hat, in yes, you guessed it — a houndstooth pattern fabric. Alternatively, try this Dapper Tuxedo costume which also includes a top hat.


7. Wacky and Fun Pooches

Are you bored with the standard princess tutus and screen printed t-shirts for your pup? Go with something completely wacky this Halloween and dress your favorite pup up like a goldfish . Or a watermelon . Or a piece of sushi . When people ask why, just ask them “why not?” These hilarious costumes are sure to be conversation starters at your Halloween party, and let’s face it: The world as a whole could definitely use some laughs right now.


If you need more help choosing the perfect Halloween getup for your pup, or if you’re not sure of your little dog’s sizing needs, be sure to contact us through email, chat, or phone. Baxter Boo’s got you covered when it comes to your small dog foods, supplements, treats, and yes…even Halloween outfits! For more choices, peruse our wise selection of costumes for your smallest canine friends.


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