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November 12, 2017

10 Ways to Make Your Dog’s Tail Wag This Holiday Season

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The end of the year is approaching, along with a cluster of seasonal celebrations. Most people like to share these special times with their families, and if you are a dog lover, then you will obviously be including your pooch in the festivities. In fact, shopping for your dog can be far more enjoyable than shopping for certain people on your list. Pause your quest for the perfect cuff links for Great Uncle Arnold and check out these gift ideas for your dog.



1. Practical Presents


If your dog has chewed on his leash one too many times, then the holiday season is the perfect time to get him a new one. For pups who have grown by leaps and bounds in recent months, you might consider a comfortable harness or a new collar in a fun color. Practical presents like these might not seem like very much fun to you, but your dog will know he looks dashing in his new gear.


2. Tasty Treats


You probably have a standard dog treat brand you pick up every week or so. Remember, however, that this is the time of year when you and your human family members get to indulge in stuffing and pies. Why shouldn’t your dog get to join in the fun? Furthermore, human delicacies can make dogs sick, so occupying her with a treat designed for canine consumption is one way to distract her from table scraps. Keep her busy during those family feasts with a special new treat flavor or a giant bone of her own. To really get in the spirit of the season, you can even let her gnaw on an antler—just as long as it doesn’t belong to one of Santa’s favorite reindeer.


3. Cool Clothes


Who says clothes are only for humans? Your dog will love wearing a shirt that matches one of your own. She can rep your favorite TV show or ramp up the team spirit during Thanksgiving football with your team’s jersey. If you live in a colder climate, clothes can be practical as well as fun. Keep your dog warm with an ugly Christmas sweater, then throw an ugly sweater party just so she can show off her new threads.


4. Awesome Accessories


The holidays are the best time to get glitzy. Get your dog looking festive with accessories that illustrate her unique personality. Whether you pick a simple collar charm or an elaborate set of scrunchies, your dog will love sporting her seasonal flair.


5. Spiffy Subscriptions


There is nothing like a gift that keeps giving. Instead of limiting your doggie-gifting to the holidays, get him a box subscription and welcome the season’s greetings every month. Your dog will receive an assortment of treats and toys at regular intervals, and you can enjoy the box’s contents—or maybe just the box itself—together. After all, he already goes wild for the mailman. Why not put some purpose behind all that ruckus?


6. Gorgeous Grooming


If your dog likes to be groomed, then the holidays are the perfect excuse to treat him to some pampering. Get his coat washed and trimmed just in time for this year’s family picture. If you would rather not spring for a full day at the spa, then you can freshen him up at home with some dog cologne in a seasonal scent or a shampoo and conditioner set. When he’s looking so fresh and clean, there will be nothing to stop you from snuggling up by the fire.


7. Terrific Toys


If you remember the joy of getting new toys as a kid, then you ought to make sure your dog gets a taste of that same excitement. There is almost no limit to types of dog toys that are available, so it all comes down to his personality. If he loves to make noise, then your best bet is something with a squeaky center. If he enjoys a challenge, then a puzzle toy will keep him occupied for hours. Some dogs love anything they can chase, while others like toys they can nuzzle and snuggle. If you really want to break the mold, you could get a tunnel or another large piece of play equipment. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with getting him a little bit of everything.


8. Elite Equipment


If you love to pursue adventure, then chances good that your dog comes along for the ride. Before your next big hike, present her with a backpack she can wear herself and stock it with foldable food and water bowls, some snacks and a hot pack to keep her warm. If canoe rides down the river are more your style, make sure she is safe and highly visible with a life jacket. With the right equipment, she will be ready for whatever comes your way.


9. Trendy Travel


Of course, some dogs would rather relax than explore. You might have big plans to test out that new Fitbit, but that doesn’t mean Fido is on board with your goals. If your dog is smaller or older, then getting him a stroller is one way you can spend time with him while still making good on your New Year’s resolution. If you have plans to travel, then he may enjoy a hammock for the car or a carrier that keeps him close to your side in the airport.


10. Cozy Cribs


Your dog needs his own special place within your home. All that burrowing and nesting can be rough on cushions, so get your dog a comfy new bed this year. If your dog is especially partial to enclosed spaces, then he will love a plush doghouse or a whimsical teepee. You can also opt to create an outdoor space for him, whether he prefers an elegant bungalow or a utilitarian pen.



No matter what you decide to give your dog this holiday season, what he wants the most is to spend time with you. Pick some presents you and your dog can enjoy together, and start logging those hours of playtime and cuddles.

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