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October 18, 2020

6 Fun Fall Activities for You and Your Dog To Enjoy

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There's a chill in the air at night, and leaves are slowly but surely beginning to change colors and drift their way to the pavements and green lawns below. The smell of bonfires and apple cider, not to mention fun Halloween costumes and candy at every turn, makes the autumn season a favorite for many each year. Chances are your dog has gone wading through a leaf pile or two, but what if you want to take him on a more structured fall adventure? Luckily, you can! Dog-friendly fall activities are available all over the country and just waiting for you and your good boy to join.

1. Go on a Spooky Adventure

Whether Halloween is your favorite holiday or you love spooky stuff all year, there is no better time to take a ghost tour than the crisp evenings of the autumn months. Of course, if you're feeling a bit apprehensive, you can always take your best furry friend with you for moral support. Many ghost walks throughout the United States are pet-friendly, as long as your dog is well-behaved. Get some exercise and bond with your pet as you learn about local ghost stories and urban legends. Remember, dogs are thought to be more in tune with the spirit world, so you might even have a real live experience of your own! Just remember to add some reflective clothing or lighting to you and your pet's clothing and leash for safety!

2. Take Your Pooch to a Farm

Who wouldn't love a crisp but sunny fall day of picking pumpkins and apples? Many farms that open their doors to the public have and love dogs of their own, so are much more likely to allow your own good boy to join you on your adventure. Grab your pooch and spend the afternoon meandering along until you find the tastiest apple and roundest pumpkin. For a bit of extra adventure, you and your pet can try to find your way through the farm's corn maze. Don't forget to stop for a tasty treat before you head home. You can bring your pet's own pumpkin treats with you to include him in the fun while keeping him safe.

3. Dress Up and Go Trick-or-Treating

Who says only human kids get to have all the fun? Plenty of pet parents dress their dogs in costumes and head out for trick-or-treating fun. You can even amp up your style by choosing a matching costume to wear with your dog. Dress him as a dinosaur and yourself as a character from Jurassic Park, or let him be an Oompa Loompa to your Willy Wonka. There are hundreds of possibilities. If you aren't up to wandering around the neighborhood for traditional trick-or-treat nights, consider places where other pet owners may be, such as Halloween parties at local pet stores or costume parades for pets.

4. Hike a Nearby Trail

Fall is one of the best times to go hiking with your dog. The weather isn't so cold that he won't be able to keep up with you, but it's also not too hot for his feet to be on the pavement or rocks for too long. Hiking trails in the autumn is cooler, more comfortable, and offers beautiful views of fall foliage, not to mention all the fall smells your dog will want to sniff. Grab a leash and his favorite portable water bowl and head to the park this weekend. The exercise and bonding time will be great for you both.

5. Watch Movies Together at Home

You and Fido don't need to head outside to enjoy an awesome autumn night together. Curl up by the fire (or if it's not too cold, crack a window for the cool breeze and cuddle up under a blanket) and put in your favorite movie to unwind. You can snack on your favorite snacks, and if you want to make the night special for your pup, purchase pet-friendly bakery options for him. To keep with the theme, you can watch animal-based Halloween movies or shows, such as Frankenweenie or Hocus Pocus. Of course, if you like truly scary stuff, you can check out classics like Pet Sematary. Just be sure to cover your pooch's eyes during the scary parts!

6. Take a Vacation

Whether you decide to head out of town for a weekend or a week, taking a vacation with your pet during the autumn months can be extra relaxing. Most people vacation during the spring or summer months, or they head to warmer weather over the winter holidays. While everybody else is in school or at football games, you and your pooch can spend a weekend at a pet-friendly bed and breakfast or even head to a secluded beach and a dog-friendly hotel for a few days. Just remember to take the essentials, like a doggie seat belt if you'll be driving and plenty of waste disposal bags for his public walks.

For many, the autumn months symbolizes the death of summer, the closing of beaches, and the start of another long year of cold weather. Don't let yourself all victim to the slump, though. When you know where to look and what to look for, you and your dog can spend plenty of weekends together making autumn memories. Don't forget to snap a few pictures for Instagram or even to print out for your walls at home!


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