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November 24, 2019

7 Funny Dog Memes To Make You Chuckle!

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Who doesn’t love seeing a good dog meme that makes you crack a smile and chuckle under your breath? I know I sure do! Well, here are 8 fabulously adorable and funny dog memes that will do just that!

"Or when you hit your sibling but your mom only sees them hitting you back and they get in trouble even though you know you started it..."



"When you realize you were a good dog and haven’t been sarcastic and sassy for a whole 3 minutes..."



"When you lie on your resume, get the job and show up on your first day…"



"When your human calls you a good boy but little do they you pooped in their room…"



"When you work in customer service and a customer is pissing you off but you have to be nice cause you need the money…"



"When you finally have 2 minutes to relax… or when you get home from a long day of work and just plop on your bed for the night…"



"When you are going through a midlife crisis in middle school, dye your hair pink, and start dressing gothic..."

Hopefully, these adorable dog memes made your day all that much better! If you have any others that make you smile, make sure to share them!!


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