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January 11, 2021

7 Great Winter Coats for Your Dog

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It’s no fun seeing your pup shivering in the cold on your regular morning walk. You may have never been one to dress up your dog before, but given the icy temperatures you deal with several times a day, you’re considering buying your dog a coat. Fancy options exist, of course, but if you’re looking for something more practical and with fewer frills, we’ve got you covered on that end too! When browsing through products, keep in mind your climate, your pet’s needs, and his or her personality to pick the best way to keep him or her warm this winter.

1. The Fancy Fleece Harness Coat

Have you got a sophisticated little pooch? She may love to wrap up in this Sherpa fleece-lined coat from Doggie Design. This coat doubles as a harness and comes in different sizes for the smallest of dogs to the largest of canine companions. It’s made from a light plaid cotton/poly blend that will contrast nicely with a dark-furred pet, and it also comes with a matching leash! It’s perfect for the middle of winter but also fancy enough for when you run into neighbors on a chilly morning stroll. It also comes in a holiday-themed plaid design.

2. The Practical and Warm Puffer Coat

Your pet’s days of playing in the snow just got a lot more fun! This closet staple is a must-have for any area of the country that experiences frigid winter temperatures. This coat comes in sizes ranging from X-small to 5X-Large, so it will fit just about any pup out there from the smallest teacup puppy to the largest Goldendoodle. You’ll be wishing you had a matching coat for those cold winter afternoons.

3. The Snowsuit Coat

Dressing your pooch in a full-on snowsuit is not for the amateur dog lover. If you’re dedicated to promoting your pup’s fashion sense even on the coldest days of the year, check out this cherry red snowsuit from Ruffin It. This adorable suit with its faux-fur lined hood and room for your pet’s tail will be noticed from across the street! It features a water-resistant outer covering, the hood is removable, and it comes in a variety of sizes. It can be mixed and matched with various bows and colorful leashes for an all-over pop of color on a grey winter day.

4. The Twin Pack

If you’ve got two dogs of roughly the same size, check out these coordinating fleece coats. These sweet, fluffy fleeces from Zack and Zoey simply cover the dog like a blanket and snap around your pet’s tummy. If you’re walking both dogs at the same time, neighbors will smile when they notice your pups’ coordinated and fashion-forward look. Don’t worry about the fleece getting wet from the snow if there’s a sudden blizzard: These fleeces feature a water-resistant barrier to keep out the elements. If you’re looking for other colors, you’ve got a choice between this pink set, purple and pink , and red and navy .

5. The Poncho

If ponchos are your style, try out one of these dignified plaid ponchos with fun fringe at the bottom and a bow in the front. Your little girl will look festive and warm as she prances down the street. This is an excellent option for sensitive pups as it contains no Velcro that may startle when taken off: There’s an elastic band that goes around your pup’s tummy instead. It’s ideal for small dogs (and even cats!), and there are medium and large sizes if you’re dressing up a larger pet as well.

6. The All-Weather Coat

Do you love hiking with your dog? Do you frequently go camping, take your pup out when it rains, and simply enjoy all types of weather together? This all-weather, waterproof, and colorful coat may be perfect for you and your pup. The neon colors ensure that your dog won’t get lost on hiking trails or in dimly lit conditions, and the waterproof design with faux fur on the hood ensures that your pet will remain warm, dry, and protected from all weather conditions. Like most of our coats, it comes in a wide range of sizes.

7. The Raincoat

Though many areas of the country are snowy and icy throughout the winter season, we can’t forget those pups who live in more temperate climates! If it rains all winter long where you are but you still want an option for keeping your pup warm and dry, check out this raincoat from fabdog . It’s waterproof, lightweight, and can easily fold up small enough to fit into the coat’s pocket. Keep it in your purse, your own jacket pocket, or the glove compartment of your car for those days you aren’t expecting precipitation. Both you and your dog will be so happy to have a raincoat on hand at a moment’s notice that you may want to order more! It comes in this lovely, ocean-inspired blue as well as bright green .

Always be sure to measure your pet’s chest, neck, and girth (around his or her midsection) before choosing a coat. Our sizing guide is listed on each coat’s page, so you will be able to select the one that’s the best fit for your dog. Remember that regardless of which coat you choose for your best canine friend, the important thing is that he or she is warm and snug all winter long. To view more products or to chat with a helpful customer service representative, visit Baxter Boo today.


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