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September 12, 2019

8 Reasons To Hug Your Cat!!

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Cats have a reputation for being aloof, but we're here to tell you that that is a bunch of hooey. Not only are many cats overly affectionate, but they also deserve love and affection every day. Here are just 8 out of the thousands of reasons to give your kitty an extra pet, hug or treat!

  1. Cats are a natural antidepressant: Being physically affectionate with cats releases endorphins, which is good for anyone - especially for those suffering from depression. It has been demonstrated in studies that cats alleviate depression in humans even more than dogs do. The theory is that cats are less demanding and irritating to already emotionally compromised people. A cat's simple, uncomplicated companionship is very soothing.

  2. Cat people are more intelligent: Don't take offense to this dog people. We know you're smart enough to know that having a dog is one of the best decisions you can make! But... according to a recent study, there was a surprising difference between people who identified themselves as "dog people" and "cat people." Apparently, cat people tended to score higher on an intelligence scale. Of course, owning a cat doesn't mean you'll be smarter; it has more to do with the type of people who gravitate to them - introverted, non-conformist and open-minded. Even if having a cat doesn't elevate a person's IQ, if you have a cat, you'll want to give your cat a hug knowing you have a chance of being a bit brighter. (Hug your dog while you're at it too.)

  3. Cats may reduce your risk for a heart attack: While numerous studies have demonstrated the health benefits of owning any pet, pressure, researchers from the University of Minnesota found that people who owned cats were nearly 40% less likely to die of a heart attack than those who had never lived a cat. Interestingly, in this particular study, dog owners did not seem to enjoy the same cardiovascular benefit as cat owners.

  4. Hugging your cat is good for them too: As with humans, cats enjoy greater health when given appropriate physical affection. Showing your cat that you care for them in a physical way is particularly important for single-cat households. Cats are kinesthetic creatures, meaning that they interact with their environment in a very touchy-feely and scenting way. Your cat depends on your interaction, including touch for emotional, mental and physical touch.

  5. Purrs are healing: Have you ever wondered why cats purr? Cats often purr when they are pleased, but cats also purr when they are in pain. Scientists have discovered that the sonic frequency of the cat's purr actually accelerates healing of body tissue. So cuddle up with your kitty to sponge some of that healing power for your own aches and pains!

  6. Cats are easier on your budget: You might want to give your kitty an extra squeeze because cats are much less likely to put the squeeze on your wallet. According to the ASPCA, dog owners are likely to spend hundreds of dollars more than cat owners. The reason for this is that dogs are likely to eat more, dogs require more equipment such as food, toys, and various supplies. Unlike cats, dogs may also require training classes. Dog are more likely than cats to require boarding when you go on vacation. Additionally, veterinary care for dogs tends to be more expensive than that for cats. Unlike cats, dogs may also require training classes. Dog are more likely than cats to require boarding when you go on vacation. Additionally, veterinary care for dogs tends to be more expensive than that for cats. Golly gee, with all of those savings, you may want to pick up some cat toys and other cat goodies today! Plus it will sure make them even more happier to have not only a bunch of hugs, but also a little something extra! Gotta throw in some spices towards your affection!
  1. Cats teach us how to find balance: You've probably marveled at your cat's ability to walk on a sliver of a fence or railing and perform amazing athletic feats, but that's not the balance we're talking about here. We can learn a lot from a cat's balanced lifestyle: Play, eat, groom, rest and repeat. Isn't that insight worth a hug? As far as work goes, a cat's work is play. Similarly, if we can enjoy our work, look after our appearance, get enough rest, and play, we're probably on the right track for a healthy, balanced life when we hug our little fur balls!
  1. Hugging your cat helps them feel more secure: Cats need a routine to feel at ease. During life changing events such as moving, adding or subtracting a new family member (human or animal), you'll want to give your cat plenty of hugs and other physical affection. This will help assure him that everything is okay.

So make sure to give your little fur ball a giant squeeze everyday and snazz up all the affection you give them with some toys and other goodies!


Elida Levy on September 12 at 9:36 AM said:

I always liked cats but most of the time have dogs instead, until recently we rescued one cute cat from the neighborhood who came around to feed like others I feed, those were fixed and released back, they were my neighbors. Willy, my kitty decided to stick around more and more, so we got him fixed, he put up a good fight and injured his right paw, we had him inside in a huge condominium type cage for a period of time until he healed, since then he is part of the family and loves his sleeping spot by my feed, he is now sweet and he surely asks for affection bumping his head unto my hand. My dogs luckily have adopted Willy as well. We love him and is part of the family now. Our Willy, from feral to sweet and loving kitty. :)

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