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September 25, 2013

NEW! Your Pet's a Star With Their Own Pet Profile and Birthday Club!

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Pet Profiles - Show Off Your Pet's Style & Personality!

Cat Selfie

Don't be surprised if your pet starts taking "selfies" with your phone's camera...

Is your pet ridiculously photogenic? Be one of Baxter's Buddies and share as many photos as you like with thousands of fellow pet lovers who can give your pet Virtual Treats (a.k.a. "Likes")!

When you complete your first pet profile, you'll get 50 Baxter Bux! (One 50 Baxter Bux offer per household, but please do enter all of your pets!) If you've been submitting photos for products your pet is modeling, you may in fact have a pet profile page already! Just complete the birthday particulars and any updates, and you'll get your 50 Baxter Bux to spend on your little four-legged friend. 

As if this new pet social networking site couldn't get any better, if you submit new photos that specify a product that your pet is modeling, he or she will automatically be entered into our daily photo contest! If your pet is selected to be Pet of the Day, they'll receive a $25 certificate and a chance to win up to $250 to spend with us!

Birthday Club - Get a $5 Gift Certificate For Your Pet's Birthday!

Birthday Dog Loves a Party!

Every pet deserves a birthday! If you complete your pets' profile and specify their birthday (or just pick one if you don't know it for sure), we'll send you a $5 Gift Certificate before each birthday!

Baxter himself will acknowledge the momentous event with a special birthday email. 

Celebrating Your Pet's Life

Should you choose to remove your pet's profile or no longer want to receive birthday acknowledgements due to your pet crossing the rainbow bridge, you'll have the option of converting your pet's profile page to a memorial. We're here to celebrate your pets' lives and how our furry friends have made a difference. 

What other features would you like to see on our new Pet Profile community? 

We're in the beginning stages of this project, but we hope to make it possible to comment on each other's photos, and to develop groups based on breeds, health and behavioral concerns, etc. We'd love to hear your wishes for making the BaxterBoo Buddies a place for fun, information, support and friendships. 


Linda on September 25 at 5:54 PM said:

This is a great idea!!!
CK on September 25 at 6:51 PM said:

We will be putting up a page soon! Great idea!
Victoria on September 25 at 11:37 PM said:

I think it is a fantastic idea.....I always celebrate my baby girl's birthday and what fun to shop for an outfit with BaxterBoo joining in on the celebration!
Jennifer on September 26 at 3:59 PM said:

Awesome, now I'll remember!
Jennifer on September 26 at 3:59 PM said:

Awesome, now I'll remember!
Kathleen on September 28 at 2:19 AM said:

Not only do I love this idea, our little Roscoe Liam deserves an extra reward for choosing us to love!!
Rose on May 14 at 12:15 PM said:

Great idea! Party suggestions and photos would be fun too!

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This entry was posted by Mary.

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