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June 11, 2019

Are Boots For Dogs?

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Stylish or not, dog boots on a dog will protect their paws so your pup can be comfortable while having a blast. They are not only needed in winter to protect against the cold, but also in the summer to protect against the heat. You and your best friend will be happy all day long. No more dirty or sore paws. No discomfort. No pain. Only happy wagging tails. Your dog will be wanting to play and chase their tail all day long in the fresh outdoors with a set of snazzy and protective booties. With your dog wearing boots, many benefits will be running your way.


Heat Protection

As temperatures are rising, pavements are getting hotter. Dog paws can be just as sensitive as human feet. If the pavement is too hot for you to walk on barefoot it means your dog should be wearing shoes too. Dog paws are just as easily prone to burn as human feet.

Vets in the U.S. report many incidents of burnt dog paws due to the hot summer temperatures. To know whether it is the right time to put booties on your dog put your hand on the sidewalk for seven seconds. If you can’t keep your hand on there for the full time then your dog needs boots on to go outside.

These stylish and comfy yet protective Dog Boots are the perfect summer gift for your furry best friend. These fashionable boots come in multiple colors and will protect your pup's feet in temperatures from -4 F to as high as 176 F. Want those summer outdoor days to last? Protect our furry friend's paws and save a trip to the vet.


Cold Protection

Does your dog ever come in from playing in the snow with chunks stuck on their paws? Do they ever get cold and wet? Worried about the effects of salt used to melt ice on your dog? Well, no need to worry anymore. Dog Boots will help protect your furry best friends paws from the frigid cold.

Ice balls can form in between the pad and toes of these furry paws, which will cause them to be sore. This will also cause discomfort for your dog. Booties will help protect against these.

Dogs walking in the cold are also at risk of frostbite on their paws and hypothermia. To help prevent this, slip on some warm boots and take shorter walks in the winter time.

The salt used to melt ice, if contacted on your dog's paws, can lead to chemical burns on the paws. If the dog licks its paws after walking on the salt, it can also cause intestinal issues. To prevent this, put boots on your dog and rinse them in warm water afterward.

Your dog won’t have to be miserable with snow stuck to them anymore. Boots are the perfect thing for your dog to prevent this while still allowing them to enjoy the crisp outdoors. With these Snow Boots, your dog's paws will stay warm and dry.



Do you enjoy hiking with your dog in the mountains or woods? Do you wear hiking boots? Then your dog needs a set too. There are many hazards that could hurt your pup's paws while on a hike such as sharp or hot rocks, cacti, soil, etc. Dog paws, just like human feet, are prone to cuts, scrapes, burns, and pain.


Mud Traction

No one enjoys or has time to clean up the mud in their house from their dog tracking it in. Or cleaning mud off their pup's paws. With boots, cleaning up is much faster and easier while preventing mud from being tracked in the house. Slip on a set before they go outside and when they come in, slip them off and clean the boots with some warm water. No muddy paws, no muddy floors. Just a happy dog and its owner.



Looking fabulous isn’t just for you, but your dog too. Think your dog can’t get any cuter? Think again! Boots are just the thing to style your dog. This furry best friend of yours will be turning heads every which way. Every dog on the street will want a set of their own. A set of boots can make a dog feel special and happy in every which way.

Like the color red? Slip on a set of very snazzy booties and have your dog feel as if he or she is walking down the red carpet, looking fabulous for the pup-arazzi. With the nice sleek look of a tan, brown or black boot, your dog will be feeling classy but still a tad sassy to any and all dog-friendly events, or even for a casual walk around the block. Is your dog going out to the dog park, playdate or even on a date? The blue, pink, and purple boots are for just the thing to catch the attention of all fellow doggy friends.

No matter what color, shape, size, or event, with these Dog Boots, they will feel dazzling, confident and jazzy. Not only will your dog look fashionable, but completely adorable as well. You look fabulous in boots, your dog should too!

If you want your furry best friends paws to be protected while looking completely adorable, then booties for your dog are just the thing you need.


Why take the risk of having injured paws and your dog be in pain and uncomfortable? We all need shoes to help protect our human feet and paws are just as sensitive. No one wants to see their furry children with scraped, cut up, burnt, frostbitten, or have snow chunked paws. Boots for your dog are essential in helping protect and take care of your pup that you all cherish and love so much. We don’t want to be injured and in pain, paws to take away from the fun you have with your dog, and neither should you.

Slip on a set of boots and tail wagging, smiles, fun, and adventures are endless. Have your furry best friends stay protected, happy, and snazzy.


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