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September 13, 2017

Are Cat Breeds Really That Different?

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When getting a dog, most people take a lot of time deciding what breed to get. With cats, it doesn’t seem as important, but different breeds of cats can have different personalities. Unless you’re planning on showing or breeding your feline companion, you may not care what breed it is. However, you can get a better idea about what type of cat you may have when you know the differences between cat breeds.



Most breeds enjoy being around people, but not every breed is a lap cat. Some cats can be bold and some are shy. Some cats are fearless and inquisitive, and others will stay on the ground.  A purebred cat may not be a choice if you are rescuing one, but you can be aware of these popular cat breeds.


1.   Persian cats are probably one of the most recognizable breeds. The long hair and expressive eyes are hard to miss. Persians are people-pleasers and very intelligent. They have a melodious voice and a gentle personality. These cats are extremely well-suited to the indoor life and can be quite playful at times. Make sure you have a good cat brush, like this multi-purpose silicone cat brush by FouFou Pet.

2.   A Bengal cat is a domestic breed that often resembles the cats of the jungle, such as leopards, ocelots and margays. They are busy cats, who want to be where the action is. A Bengal cat is very playful and will want to climb and chase when they’re awake. But when this cat is ready to sleep, it will be affectionate and cuddly.

3.   A Maine Coon cat has the nickname “the dog of the cat world,” because of their loving disposition. A Maine Coon is a larger cat that is muscular and broad. The fur is generally long and flowing, but these cats appear more rectangular than a Persian cat. Males can get up to 25 pounds, but females are about half that size as an adult. These cats enjoy the company of people, but are also prized mousers. They come in all kinds of colors, but they are quite fluffy.

4.   Siamese cats are also quite recognizable, especially to anyone who has seen “Lady and the Tramp.” This breed is sociable and usually gets along with other pets. Siamese will want to talk to you and interact with you. You should be prepared to spend time with a Siamese cat. They are very intelligent and may tell you exactly what they think, even if you don’t ask. Your Siamese may even follow you around the house and “supervise” you throughout the day.

5.   An Abyssinian cat enjoys being around people, but won’t be a lap cat. They are athletic, active, agile and alert. However, this breed can be very stubborn. It can be hard to distract them. They are also fearless. The phrase “curiosity killed the cat,” might be from this breed. You’ll want to make sure they have toys to play with when you aren’t around to keep them from getting into trouble exploring your house.

6.   The Ragdoll cat usually has blue eyes, and a distinct colorpoint coat. This breed requires regular grooming to make sure the hair doesn’t become matted. But this cat will enjoy being in your company. Some Ragdoll cats have even been taught to play fetch, because they are such a people-pleaser and intelligent. The Ragdoll cat isn’t much of a jumper, and it is a good indoor cat because it is such a treasure. Cat toys will help keep your cat occupied, like this cheese cat toy that is interactive and automated.

7.   If you’re looking for a sacred cat, look for a Birman, which is a breed descended from Burmese temple cats. A Birman will have long, silky hair, blue eyes, and “socks” on each paw. This breed is a good family cat, but will need love and grooming. Your cat will play with you and want to be with you, but can be happy if you are busy with other tasks. It has a docile temperament and will be a fairly quiet cat to have in your house.

8.   An American shorthair is fairly moderate in the world of cats. Their body won’t be too big or too small. They will be active, but not overly so. These cats are popular with families, because they generally are gentle companions. Females might be busier than males, but both sexes are intelligent and interested in what’s going on around them.

9.   The Oriental Shorthair is closely related to the Siamese, but they tend to be more hypoallergenic, because of their short coat. The ears are bat-like, which is probably the most recognizable characteristic. This breed is territorial and loyal, almost to the point of being jealous. Some cat experts believe that the Oriental Shorthair is one of the most intelligent cat breeds. You will need to spend time playing with this cat; they crave attention, but they are entertaining.

10.    Sphynx cats are known for their lack of fur or a coat. The skin actually has the texture of a chamois, with its fine hair. The breed loves attention and is good with kids and strangers. One problem with this breed is that it is prone to genetic health problems, mostly due to poor breeding practices years ago. It is an intelligent breed that is pet-friendly. They are quite rare and unusual. It can be difficult to find a kitten, but once you do, you will love it.

11.   Mixed breed cats are not generally show-worthy, but that’s not to say that a mixed-breed cat doesn’t make a good house pet. Cats which are given love, companionship and care typically will respond with love themselves. Mixed breed cats will often have the characteristics of many different breeds. Watch their personality to know what they like and what they don’t.



No matter what breed of cat you have, make sure it has high-quality food, a scratching post, a place to sleep and lots of toys. Cats make great pets, even though they can seem independent and aloof.

judi on September 13 at 6:19 PM said:

That is really a good article! Love the descriptions and advice! But wish you would have posted a picture of each breed! THANKS for the info! judi

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