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August 15, 2012

Back from the Edge of Creation!

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Did you miss me, friends? I went off the grid to Alaska! I had plans to keep you updated, but I had no Internet, and no phone. No Facebook. No BaxterBoo! Gasp! It was tough, let me tell you. Boating, fishing, zip lining, shopping, eating... sigh. I need a vacation to recover!

Izzy and friends checking out the tide pools.

Never fear... I didn't completely refrain from a life that has gone to the dogs. I was still able to get my doggie fix from my aunt and uncle's sweet girl, a whippet.  She isn't exactly what I imagined to be an appropriate breed for Alaska. In fact, on days when it was actually sunny, I could see the light through the thin skin on her spindly legs. I would feel so sorry for her when the shy girl would shiver in the cold, but she wasn't about to be left behind!

Meet Isabella, whom we affectionately call Izzy. She is a sweet, slightly neurotic girl with a terribly inadequate wardrobe. Some of our clothes at BaxterBoo are... well, frivolous. We admit that. We don't mind being fun and fashion minded. But in Alaska, it's much more about survival and practicality. But I was told she is a princess, so we needed to be temper the rush towards the utilitarian with something appropriate for her feminine, delicate nature. But appearances can be deceiving. This is one tough girl who survived being hit by a car last year even though she wasn't given much hope to live.

Such an inspiring story requires an equally fabulous wardrobe, so I told them I was going to be sending her some clothes. You can be like a friend at our shop and help me decide what will suit the little princess. For the rain, I think this West Coast Dog  Rainwear could do the trick with its pretty print and rainproof shell. The fleece liner will help keep her warm on cool days, but I'm not sure if it will accommodate her deep-chested physique.

Isabella is also the companion of the town's esteemed reverend, so I think a dress coat might also be in order, even if it feels a little over the top for Alaska. This Lady Lavender Jacket is so elegant and classy in a soft pastel that will complement Izzy's delicate markings. It's perfect for a Sunday stroll with its matching leash! Of course it does snow in Alaska, and this girl needs a snowsuit! With its toasty fleece lining and removable hood, she will be the darling of Ketchikan! Don't be fooled by its delicate pink shell. It's rain resistant and embellished with "Ruffin It" just to show that this girl is still a gritty Alaskan! Though I have a feeling that the legs will be a bit short on our long-legged girl!

Do any of you have favorite coats for your furry friends that you'd suggest for this lovely girl? We're going to take the suggestions and send her a care package. Then we will share photos to chronicle her makeover a la BaxterBoo!

savingzeus on August 15 at 8:25 AM said:

I think it is great you are sending Izzy a care package! I hope it keeps her warm and dry! I am a big dog lover and have two dogs of my own, Zeus and Lucky. They are so funny, loving, and snuggly! I love them with all of my heart and soul! My name is Melissa Crowley and I am on a mission to save my favorite dog! I have started a blog for my Rottweiler Zeus called Saving Zeus. He has a rare genetic disorder and we are trying to raise funds for the medical tests and treatment that he desperately needs. Also on my blog, I have funny stories, really cute photos of both of my boys, all of the details of Zeus' condition, and updates on our fundraising efforts. If you would like to make a donation or share our blog to help us save Zeus, or would just like a laugh after reading a funny story, visit my page. Since I am just getting started on my blog, there will be many more stories to come so check back every once in a while!

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