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April 20, 2017

The Best Dog Breeds for Apartments

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It is widely believed that dogs won’t be happy in apartments but with so many dogs in need of good homes, it’s time to squash that myth. The key is to choose the right one for your apartment and your lifestyle. If you’re ready to add to your family, consider the following breeds for apartment dwelling.



English Bulldogs


If you've always loved the smushy face of the English bulldog, you'll be delighted to know that they are perfect medium-sized dogs for apartments. Weighing in at between 45 and 55 pounds, they require little grooming and love to cuddle on the couch. These dogs are not the outdoorsy types. While they need daily walking, they much prefer living indoors and easily tire out with too much outdoor activity. They are also the perfect guard dogs, at least when it comes to looks. Their stocky build and business face tends to scare off would-be robbers.




One worry that many apartment dwellers have about getting a dog is the noise. If you live in a building with thin walls, consider adopting a Basenji. These short-haired dogs have curly tails and don't bark (although they do enjoy yodeling), which makes them the perfect dog for close quarters. However, don't let their 25-pound bodies fool you. Basenjis can be quite the handful if you leave them unattended for long periods of time. If you choose this breed, be sure to pick up plenty of interactive toys such as the Gambling Toy Interactive Dog Toy.


Shih Tzus


If you are someone who wouldn't mind spending an hour or so on grooming your dog each day, it is the perfect way to bond with the long-haired Shih Tzu. Weighing an average of 12 pounds, these dogs get a bad reputation as being yappy but with the proper training, they actually make excellent and well-behaved companions. They don't like being outdoors very much and are small enough that following you around the apartment will be enough exercise for them, making them a perfect choice for someone who works from home and can't drop everything to walk a dog every hour. If you do decide to purchase a Shih Tzu, you'll need grooming tools. The UGroom Combo Brush has a hard-bristled side for removing loose hair and a soft side that creates shine and helps to relax your dog.


Bichon Frises


Who wouldn't want to own a marshmallow on legs? If you need a small dog but would also like one that is energetic enough to spend time outside with you, check out the Bichon Frise. Very tiny at only a foot tall, Bichons require lots of exercise due to their energy levels so plan to take them on lots of walks. This breed sheds much less than breeds of similar size and personality traits, which makes them a good choice if someone you live with has allergies.


Chow Chows


Chow chows are another breed that requires a lot of grooming but their excellent companionship is well worth the hair. This dogs weigh up to 70 pounds and are best known for their bright reddish brown coats and blue or black tongues. Chow chows are known for their laziness and love to spend time hanging out on the couch in an air-conditioned apartment. If you are looking for a true man's best friend, this breed may not be for you; however, their aloof, cat-like personalities are perfect for owners who love their dogs but also wouldn't mind taking a shower in peace once in a while.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniels


Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have long hair and faces that sometimes remind their owners of old men, but that's just part of their charm. These cuddly pups would spend the entire day having their bellies rubbed if they could. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels become very attached to their owners so small apartments work best for them because they'll likely be able to see you almost all the time. If you choose this breed, you must be very dedicated to housetraining. Without positive reinforcement and plenty of time outside, they can be hard to train. You'll probably want to pick up some puppy pads just in case there are accidents during training.


Basset Hounds


A basset hound offers you the best of both worlds when it comes to dog ownership. These medium-sized dogs typically top out at 65 pounds and have two distinct personality traits. When inside, they are laid-back, gentle, love to relax and get along well with kids and other animals. When they're outside, their hunting instincts kick in. The energy goes up and they could spend hours sniffing around the yard or going on long walks with you. And really, who could resist those ears?


Bull Mastiffs


If you have a larger apartment and hope to own a large dog, consider a Bull Mastiff. They weigh up to 130 pounds, which makes them a great protection dog when it comes to scaring thieves off with size. Despite size, Bull Mastiffs don't require a lot of space to roam and typically are happy to curl up and go to sleep after getting some belly rubs. The hardest part will be convincing your landlord that a large dog is perfect for an apartment.




You can't go wrong with a hot dog. The smallest of the hound dogs, dachshunds are all body on top of tiny little legs. Just looking at one makes most people smile. These energetic dogs love to play and have vivid personalities but because they are so small, they can also be exercised indoors when the weather isn't so great. Make sure you have lots of blankets around because dachshunds love to burrow underneath of them to sleep. If you choose this breed, it is important to protect their back from injuries, which they are prone to. If your dog will be allowed on furniture, purchase pet stairs to prevent unnecessary jumping.



Keep in mind that breed temperaments are just an average. Just like humans, dogs have individual personalities. It is important to focus more on how your pet behaves when you meet him or her than what the breed traits are. By taking your time and really getting to know a puppy, you are more likely to bring just the right family member into your home.

Kathie on April 20 at 3:32 PM said:

Cavalier King Charles Spainiels look like "old men"? Who wrote this article? My CKCS not only doesn't look like an old man but he trained easily, had his Canine Good Citizen and Registered Therapy Dog by 12 months. They are wonderful breed, not to mention beautiful!
Kathy Walker on April 20 at 3:41 PM said:

Chihuahuas are excellent for small homes like apartments. Dorms

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