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July 14, 2019

Can Dogs Survive Without Humans

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Can dogs survive without humans? The answer… yes. Over time they all would be perfectly capable and possibly even better living without humans. We love our pups but at some point, they were wild animals that did live without dog beds, toys, food is given to them, and belly rubs, if you can imagine that!

What Would They Do

If dogs were alone, they would have to do everything for themselves: find protection, food, and overall survival. Though what most people don’t know is about 80% of the dogs in the world are already living without humans and free-ranging. If humans were taken out of the picture, most pups would already be perfectly fine since they do it anyway. It would take the common family dog to get used to it and many would struggle. Over time, they would go back to their natural instinct and live happily ever after in life without belly rubs. So I guess not completely happily ever after!

Survival Skills

Without people doing everything for them, dogs would need to learn a thing or two to be able to survive. This includes: forming relationships and alliances with other animals such as fellow pups and even cats, having an independent personality, being street-savvy, being able to rapidly adapt to changing conditions, and risk taking. In other words, they would really need to just man up!

Finding Shelter

Without the comfort of our nice warm people homes, dogs would have to find some sort of shelter on their own. One of the possible places they could live in borrows. They would need somewhere that is a natural protection against predators. This may take some practice like all the other survival skills as they get used to their new squeaky toy free lifestyle!

Dogs can, in fact, live life and survive without humans. Though we hope our furry best friends are never separated from us and this never has to happen!


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