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July 27, 2020

Celebrate National Spoil Your Dog Day on August 10th

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Your dog loves to be spoiled and you love spoiling your dog. Fortunately for you both, there’s a day dedicated to doing exactly that. Spend some time doing your dog’s favorite things and shop online for some of their favorite stuff so that National Spoil Your Dog Day on August 10th will be a special day.

Order the Most Awesome Treats

Your dog is going to be excited to get treats any day of the year, but there’s no better day than National Spoil Your Dog Day to order something that your best pal will love. Some grain-free cookie treats with fish and blueberries are bound to be a hit. Super healthy Liver Slivers that are packed with flavor and nutrients are also going to be gobbled up with joy. Joyful Jerky chicken treats made with cage-free chicken are a delicious all-natural treat that will make tails wag.

Give Your Dog a Reason to Smile

When you’re picking out some treats for your dog, don’t forget to get a couple that will help promote good oral health. Dental treats can clean your dog’s teeth and also freshen his or her breath. Some Greenies Original Dog Treats will be a yummy treat to help keep teeth clean, and Greenies Original Dog Treats for Teenie Dogs are a good pick for a little guy or gal. Ark Naturals dental treats have a hard outside and soft toothpaste-like middle that will make a noticeable difference in your dog’s breath when he or she pants with excitement about treats.

Enjoy Some Toy Time Together

Next to getting treats, playtime is pretty much every dog’s favorite pastime. Make sure your dog has the latest and greatest toys to enjoy when you play together on National Spoil Your Dog Day by picking out something that will make your dog’s favorite game of choice even more fun. If your dog is a fetch fanatic, a GoBone toy is like two of your dog’s favorite things in one. This bone-shaped toy has two tennis ball sides; it’s easy to throw and fun to fetch. A Kong Dotz toy is another good pick for fetch because it has corners and raised dots that make it easy for your dog to grab up and hang onto. A West Paw Zisc frisbee is a durable toy that’s a good choice to throw far for an advanced fetcher who loves to run. If your dog is more up for tug-of-war, then he or she will like a Zanies Bone Tugger or a Zippy Paws Monkey Rope Tugz toy are some tough but fun choices for an epic tug of war battle. Give your dog a challenge but be sure to let him or her win at the end!

Celebrate in Style

Get your dog something to wear that will help keep him or her comfortable. A cooling bandana with a tropical theme is a great way to look stylish in the summer while keeping cool outside. A classic paisley bandana will never go out of style. If you want to show off your dog’s individuality, pick out a fun pattern with unicorns , or make a statement with an “I have issues” bandana .

Have Some Fun in the Sun

Take on the great outdoors and do something active and outdoorsy together. Your dog is always excited for an outdoor expedition, especially in August when spring has just sprung. If you’ll be outside for any period of time, you’ll want to bring some water for your dog to quench his or her thirst after all that outdoor playtime. Bring a collapsible water bowl; a Cool Pup Portable Pet Bowl is a lightweight option that can clip onto your dog’s leash. If you’re going to be doing anything in the water, be sure to get your dog a life-vest so he or she will stay safe in the water. A nautical theme or pink bubbles are flashy styles for vest that are designed to fit well and be comfortable. A Scout and About dog tent is a fantastic item to give your dog a place to enjoy some shade outside.

Give Your Dog an Amazing Place to Hang Out

A convertible dog bed/dog house is going to make a great addition to your home that you can also bring into the backyard. The collapsible roof and sides offer some snuggle space or shade from the sun, and they fold flat for indoor use. Alternatively, an orthopedic pet sofa bed will be a cozy place to longue in your dog’s favorite room in the house. The soft material and supportive sides will promote comfy rest and relaxation, and it’s an excellent pick for an older dog or a dog who has some joint discomfort. You can get a sofa bed that’s small, medium, large, or jumbo; you can definitely get the perfect size for your lazy lounger.

Treats and toys are wonderful ways to spoil your furry friend, and he or she will appreciate any gift that is going to make him or her more comfortable. In addition to giving your dog something extra special, one of the best ways that you can spoil him or her is to just spend some time together doing what you know he or she likes best. It may be running around and having an adventure together, or it may just be curling up on your lap and stretching out for some neck scratches and belly rubs.


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