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January 25, 2012

Celebrating National Change a Pet's Life Day: What Could You Do to Show Your Appreciation

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So, you’ve started marking off your New Year’s Resolution list (well, at least we hope). However, starting a new year off can be difficult. There’s a ton of pressure to start changing small things in your life, like vowing to work out more or start doing more good deeds in society.

It doesn’t have to be that difficult. Lucky for you, January 24, just so happens to be National Change a Pet’s Life Day! Generally, pets are very easy to please, which means that you can improve your life by doing more good deeds for pets while not altering your life immensely.

Most people are under the misconception that the only way to do good in the pet world is to adopt. However, one can take small steps and still have a major impact. So, what can you do to make a world of difference for a pet, without putting the brakes on your life?


Instead of using that extra $5 in your pocket to swing through McDonald’s drive-thru for a cheeseburger, donate it to a local shelter. You may not realize how much $5 can mean to a shelter. They rely heavily on donations. With the overwhelming number of homeless pets, many shelters are struggling to keep their doors open. The money you would throw away on a fatty cheeseburger could make all the difference in a dog’s life.

Doggie Treats

With the economy in a rut, some are scrimping and saving. If you feel as though money is better saved for the humans, you can always donate your skills instead. Depending on the person, cooking can either be an easy task or one that will potentially burn your kitchen down. Don’t laugh, I really did light my kitchen on fire attempting to make fried chicken. But, whatever level of skill you have, homemade doggie treats are so simple, even a monkey could make them.

Homemade doggie treat recipes are available all over the web.  Shelters are always looking for donations, whether its cash, clothes, toys, food, etc. Many shelters would gladly accept a few homemade doggie treats, as long as you included a copy of the ingredients to protect any pooches with allergies. By whipping up a few batches, you can turn several pups into very happy campers.

BaxterBoo Sales

Not to boast too much, but we do have some pretty awesome deals! Just like children, dogs are more than happy to receive a new dog toy. When you’re ordering for your own pooch, try at least consider throwing in a few extra, cheap toys in your order.

Donating them to a shelter is a plus, but also donating a few toys to an under privileged neighborhood pup will not only make the dog happy, but it will also give you that warm tingling feeling of a completed good deed.

You don't have to change your world entirely to change someone's life. By taking a few extra steps, you can make a huge difference in a pet's life.

Photo courtesy of: joshme17

How are you celebrating National Change a Pet's Life Day? Tell us in a comment below or on our Facebook page.

Lakshmi on April 23 at 9:34 AM said:

Well one thing most rescues check is your vet and the hrstoiy you have with them, do you have a primary vet that has seen both pets at least once a year since you got them/moved to the area? Have you been giving heartworm/flea prevention on schedule and have you gotten all the needed vaccines?If the answers are yes then I think you have a great chance, though you should make sure to ask the shelter staff if they cat test the dogs and if they do then ask them to show you only the cat friendly dogs, then once you have narrowed it down to a short list make sure your dog has a chance to meet and give his opinion of his new friend Was this answer helpful?

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