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August 4, 2020

Celebrating National Spoil Your Dog Day the Right Way

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You probably spoil your dog every day, but on August 10th, you’ve got an opportunity to take it up a notch. National Spoil Your Dog Day is a chance to honor your special furry family member by doing some extraordinary things that will make your pup feel extra loved. What you do will depend on your dog’s size, age and health, but the following are a few ideas to get you started right.

Plan a Day at the Lake

Whether your dog enjoys splashing in the water or prefers hanging out in the shade under the umbrella, a day at the lake would be fun for the whole family. Take along a new toy, such as a floating trout toy . Play fetch, let Brutus have a good chew, or sit back and watch as he figures out it squeaks. Since you’ll be spending the day in the sun, be sure you take along plenty of cool water and a portable water bowl so your furry family member doesn’t get dehydrated. Depending on how long you plan to stay and how old your dog is, you’ll want to also bring food and a portable food bowl.

Pamper Your Dog

Did you know there are pet spas? There’s no reason you shouldn’t go all out on National Spoil Your Dog Day, so take her to get groomed, have a massage, and get her nails done. Especially if you’ve got a busy day planned, you’ll want her looking and feeling her best.

Pull Out a New Treat

Perhaps you give your dog a treat once in a while already. If it’s the same old thing time after time, you might want to pull out something new. Dog treats aren’t like human treats. They’re specially made and healthy for your dog. Try the Canine Caviar Dried Sweet Potatoes , for example. They’re fat-free, grain-free, rich in antioxidants, and 100% natural. A product like KONG Ziggies treats can be placed in a small KONG toy, offering a great treat and a challenge in getting it.

Check for Local Doggy Events

There are a lot of communities that create special doggy events for National Spoil Your Dog Day. Check the local classifieds, contact a nearby shelter, visit a pet store and speak to others in the community who might have information about these events so you can find out where all the fun will be. If there are multiple events happening, decide which would be best suited for your dog, rather than something you would most enjoy.

Pull Out a New Toy

You may already have a few toys, such as a ball or a rope, but toys for dogs go way beyond the basics these days. For example, ZippyPaws makes a soup dumpling burrow toy . You hide the squeaky “dumplings” in the “soup,” and your dog buries his nose in the burrow, trying to get them out. The Busy Buddy Bristle Bone Dental Toy is an intriguing puzzle that will both entertain your dog and clean his teeth!

Go for a Long Drive

Unless your dog detests the car, Fido may enjoy a long drive through the countryside. Make sure he’s buckled in with the correct strap or car seat, roll down the window, and let him feel the wind through his fur. To make the day even more special, stop at a dog park or another dog-friendly place where you and your dog can enjoy getting out to stretch.

Redecorate the Dog’s Space

Hopefully, you’ve got a space dedicated to your dog, where he can go to relax, destress and spend some time alone when he needs it. Is it time for new bedding? Does your dog door need a fresh 2-way Flap Dog Door so your dog can come and go as he wants? A pet-odor neutralizing candle might clean up the space, as well as make it more comfortable and pleasant.

If your dog enjoys spending more time around the family than in his own secluded space, you might want to find a corner of the living room where you can set up his bed or crate. Some products, such as a wood and wire end table dog cage , take the dog crate and turn it into a lovely piece of furniture you can place in your living room. Now your dog can take a nap without feeling left out.

Hold a Dog Party

If you’ve got friends and family members who also have dogs, and you’ve got the backyard space for it, hold a dog party! Plan an obstacle course for dogs and their owners to see which pair can navigate it the quickest. Be sure there’s a prize for the winner! Matching shirts or a fancy engravable pet ID tag are some fun options. As you carry out the party, don’t forget who you planned it for. It can get busy when you’re in charge of an event, but your dog needs plenty of attention. When the party’s over, sit with your dog and relax together so he knows you’re still there, even after such a busy day.

As you can see, there are endless ways to spoil your dog on National Spoil Your Dog Day coming up on August 10th. What it really comes down to is your dog’s personality and needs. If these ideas won’t work for your dog, take them and do a spinoff idea that fits more in line with what your dog can do and what he needs most.


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