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September 18, 2012

Celebrity Pets We Love (That May Outshine the Stars)

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I'll admit it: I am woefully uneducated about celebrities. I don't get out much. I don't really watch TV. I do like movies but haven't taken the time to see many. When I do, I'm usually so taken with the story and characters that I don't stop to think of the actors outside of the show. I often don't even know their names. But that doesn't mean I won't try to meet our readers halfway and try to write about people you may or may not be interested in.

So, in an effort to gain a little more celebrity savviness, I will at least try to learn and maybe appreciate them based on their pets. Yes, I realize this is shallow, as I'm not judging them by their art or accomplishments, but rather based on their dogs, cats, or bunnies. But as many of you reiterated on a previous post, you can tell a lot about a person by the way animals react to them, and about the way a person treats their animals. So here we go: A Celebrity Pet Pictorial!

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift with Scottish Fold kitten Meredith courtesy of T. Swift/Twitter

I love this photo. For one, it features a cat! We don't really see many celebrities posing with cats unless it's an evil mastermind with a p.o.'d looking specimen that's often hairless. But here's Taylor, down on the kitten's level, looking very approachable and normal. She isn't smothering the sweet creature like so many often do. She's mimicking the cat's curious expression towards the camera with this adorable self portrait. Taylor seems to one of the few young stars who is classy, and she keeps her charm even while frolicking on the carpet, even if it isn't red.

Blake Lively

I don't know this young woman at all. Apparently she is in Gossip Girl? She reportedly takes her Malti-Poo, Penny, with her to the set regularly.

But here's why I have decided I like her: She puts her cute dog in a sweater and, even still, she is making sure Penny is warm by putting her inside her jacket. Very thoughtful!

Blake Lively and her pup are just plain adorable! How could you not like her? Again, I can't speak about her acting skills, but based on this photo, I'll probably watch for her in the media.

Snooki and Pom Pup Gia

So... remember what we said about dogs being good at judging character? I know very little about Snooki and the show Jersey Shore, though what I have heard leaves a bit to be desired. Normally I'd be tempted to overlook shortcomings based on giving support to a fellow petite and curvy girl, but I'm inclined to listen to the dog. I think a picture is worth a thousand words. Obviously the little Pomeranian named Gia has an opinion or two.

Drew Barrymore and Oliver

This photo also shows a lot of personality from the pup and the star. Oliver was a rescue, and he truly looks fond of Ms. Barrymore. I love her natural look and love that glows from within. You can't fake this kind of mutual admiration.

Even I know a bit about Drew Barrymore. She was an adorable girl (I'll never forget her in E.T.!) who has grown into a beautiful woman. Even the dog seems to sense something special. Just looks how he snuggles into her arms!

Photo courtesy of Ellen.

Bo and Obama

Photo courtesy of Getty images.

Brad Pitt and Jacquez the bulldog from Celebrity Dog Watcher/Parade magazine.

Lynda Hartmann on September 18 at 7:03 AM said:

I think Obama's dog could use some training.
Phyllis from Long Island on September 18 at 4:21 PM said:

YA THINK!!!!!!
patti parks on September 23 at 11:26 PM said:

It's clear Mr. OBama doesn't know how to walk a dog...not all Bo's fault.

What do you think?

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