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September 29, 2009

Cheetah-Dog Hybrid

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Here puppy, kitty, puppy, er...

You've heard of wolf hybrid dogs, but what about Cheetah Dogs? This photo (from Sukanto Debnath), shows an interestingly colored and marked dog...something I've never seen before. The photo almost looks to be altered, but it isn't. This unusual dog was found in Kalimpong, West India.

Have you ever seen anything like this? What do you think this pooch is a mix did he get his spots? What do you suppose his name would be?

Maybe this dog (I would name him Dingo or Chester) is pulling the old "he looks like a cat, he must be a cat" trick, just so neighborhood cheetahs won't mess with him. Just my theory.

Vicky on November 15 at 7:40 PM said:

Well I know that feline and canine are incompatible for breeding, so im giving a good guess as one of the breeds in this dog is dalmation. Which is the most common spotted dog.
stuart on January 28 at 6:44 AM said:

well Vicky for one your wrong about the whole the can't breed thing if you want facts check this link out i thought it was creepy READ THIS--------> [Cornell University’s School of Veterinary Medicine announced that it has produced the world’s first proven live-born cat-dog hybrid in a joint venture with UC Davis and Massey University (New Zealand). The project’s lead scientist, Dr Kwiecie? Zywno?ci, proudly released photos of the male animal, named “Kotpies” — the Polish word for “catdog.” “This milestone is the result of fifteen years of extraordinary work by the project’s geneticists,” said Zywno?ci. “Our breakthrough came in the Fall of 2006 when we identified a multiplex single-base primer extension reaction in the cytochrome b gene in both cats and dogs. This extension provided the point in the DNA at which a dog’s DNA could be recombined with the cat’s through chromatin transfer. Once the DNA is modified, embryos are produced and implanted in the uterus of a receptor cat.” For many years cat-dog hybrids have been rumored to occur naturally, but have never been proven. As early as 1937, a cat-dog hybrid was reported in North Carolina: In Wilmington, N. C. last August, Mrs. Annie Mae Gannon’s cat littered in her boarding house. First came one normal, one tailless and one bobtailed kitten. Twelve hours later Mrs. Gannon’s cat bore what looked like a splotched, botched Boston bull pup. Colored black, yellow and white, it had long, sharply pointed ears, short whiskers, stub tail, short doggish hair. Unlike cat or dog it was born with eyes open. And it could crawl at once. As it grew up it made noises like a cat, sniffed and gnawed bones like a dog. It rested with its paws stretched forward dog fashion, refused to frolic with its litter mates. A neighborhood mongrel dog was blamed for the freak. Dog and mother cat had fought all through her gestation. Mrs. Gannon’s neighbors argued that those fights had marked the kittens. Henry Sternberger, who photographed the catdog and named it Nonesuch, thought that cat and dog might have mated. In any case, decided he, this was a freak in which the American Genetic Association should be interested. Mrs Gannon’s cat-dog was never proved to be a cat-dog hybrid, as she refused to hand the animal over to scientists for fear it might be harmed. Editor Robert C. Cook of the Association’s Journal of Heredity dismissed it as simply a gene mutation. Kotpies, on the other hand, has undergone extensive DNA analysis and has been certified by UC Davis’ Lester A. Lyon, PhD as a cat-dog hybrid. Kotpies’ body is pure cat, but his canine pedigree is evident in the eyes and snout. “We really have no control over how the physical traits will manifest themselves,” said Zywno?ci. “Kotpies is the offspring of a Siamese cat and a Pug dog. At this time we cannot alter the genes to produce a hybrid with custom characteristics — a Pug’s curly tail, for example — but we hope to achieve that degree of specificity in the future.” For the record, Kotpies barks. And purrs.]
Sarah on March 23 at 10:52 PM said:

for the record, that article was an april fools joke. You can not breed a dog and a cat.
Alix on March 29 at 5:53 PM said:

well Sarah, I'm sorry to say you are wrong about scientists have proved than you CAN breed cats with dogs. If you still don't believe it Google "cat-dog hybrid" and see for yourself. (what dog has orange fur?)
Alex B. on April 3 at 10:14 PM said:

I agree with Sarah, that is unrealistic, it could have been a dog and a hyena or some other wild dog.
JJ on May 9 at 12:02 PM said:

It looks like a dalmation crossed with something like a Nova Scotia Duck Toller or a fox red Lab. Labs can have red fur.
summer on June 7 at 1:36 AM said:

Looks like a young spotted hyena dog to me with chow or red Irish setter parentage.
Ida on August 29 at 9:46 AM said:

Alex B.: Hyenas are not wild dogs, they are not even canids. They belong into their own family and genus called Hyeanidae. They are more related to civets, Mustelidae (weasels, ferrets, etc) and cats. The picture looks a little altered, in my opinion. But it does look like a Golden Retriever/Nova Scotia Toller/Dalmatian.
Chloe on January 1 at 12:24 AM said:

I think it's cute!
Sakai on April 16 at 9:00 PM said:

@Stuart: You are wrong. Cats and Dogs are NOT compatible by nature. Now humans can alter the dog and cats DNA and make them seem like half cat half dog, but in nature, this would never happen. I agree with Vicky. I dare someone to make cat-dog offspring. I dare you! Make it happen and I'll believe that it is true. Until then, I believe that a cat and a dog CANNOT mix naturally.
Dusty on April 29 at 5:30 PM said:

It's completely impossible for species of different genus to produce offspring. For example, even though foxes and dogs are in the same family, the different genus, (vulpes vs canis), means it's impossible for them to cross-breed.
Leiana on September 27 at 5:02 PM said:

Leiana on September 27 at 5:03 PM said:

I think it is so cute and so realistic
Nc.kxdjufvhb on September 27 at 5:19 PM said:

ERDEM MEHMET ATAM on June 7 at 12:58 PM said:

ERDEM MEHMET ATAM on June 7 at 12:58 PM said:

[email protected] on June 7 at 12:59 PM said:

crazya on September 12 at 8:22 AM said:

CK on September 19 at 10:59 AM said:

that is cheetah color and dog face
CK on September 19 at 11:01 AM said:

That is cheetah color and dog face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not wolf fin or dogfish that swim
[email protected] on September 19 at 12:25 PM said:

The world may never know.
Becky on October 29 at 4:52 PM said:

probably dalmatian and another breed, if it isn´t several. You can´t just tell by looking, you need to take a DNA test. Cats and Dogs can not breed, even dogs and foxes are pretty much imoppible. Some foxes might work I don´t no that much about this subject. Altough I do know that when it comes to "breedability" it is not just about species, it´s also about chromosones.
PapiDreadI on August 30 at 3:00 AM said:

You must be stupid dogs and cats can't inter-breed!!!! Cheetah dog?? B.S.

What do you think?

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