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November 16, 2012

Dad Loses Facebook Bet, Owes Kids a Cat

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Never underestimate the power of cute kids, a mother's ingenuity, cat lovers, and the Internet! Dan Urbano agreed to let son Remi, age 7, and daughter Evelyn, age 1, have a cat if they could get 1,000 "likes" on their mother's Facebook page.

Marisa Urbano helped launch the social media campaign with the above photograph. They thought they could get a few likes from friends and family, but had no idea the idea would go viral. Within two hours of posting the photo, the kids won the bet, eventually getting 122,732 likes as of writing this (I was number 122,733.)

Pawsitive Power

Just doing a quick scroll through the names of others who have liked their post, this is a world-wide phenomenon, showing how wonderfully connected we are on our little planet. Equally inspiring is the fact that the Urbano family decided to adopt a cat from the Ellen M Gifford Cat Shelter in Brighton, MA.

The family decided to name the tabby "Hairyette Pawturr" after realizing that he was a she. So the original name selection "Hairy" was scratched. We applaud the Urbano family for their creativity and for saving the life of an adorable cat! Perhaps Remi can talk his dad into more cats, as he technically is owed 122 of them at this point!

All safe and belted in! Hairyette Pawturr is on her way to her furever home! Photo from Marisa Urban's Facebook page.

Remi and Hairyette Pawturr are settling in nicely. Photo from Marisa Urbano's Facebook Page.

Thanks for highlighting the needs of adoptable cats! Rather than sending gifts to the Urbano's new addition, as many have offered to do on her Facebook page, Marisa asks that any donations be sent to the Ellen M. Gifford Cat Shelter.

Vivian on November 16 at 9:28 AM said:

This was an inspiring story! We need more stories like this to brighten up our day!
Carol Ann Sullivan on November 16 at 9:55 AM said:

I think its purr fect.....adorable children...and a very cute kitten...Best wishes....
Debbie on November 16 at 12:58 PM said:

Ya' gotta love it - kudos to the kiddos for getting a kitty....maybe they can start a trend and we can rescue a few more shelter cats with this methodolgy. :)
Teagan on November 16 at 7:01 PM said:

That is so sweet! I wish my mom would let me do that with a snake.....
Barbara Baughman on November 17 at 4:30 PM said:

That was an awesome story. I really like the fact that they chose a shelter. The kids and kitty go well together. What a great family.
Mia on November 18 at 3:15 PM said:

That's sooo cute! Lucky kids!

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