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October 11, 2012

Even Pets Can Promote Breast Cancer Awareness

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The world has been painted pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month. While pets may not understand the significance of this cause, they do love people, and a good many of them are dependent on the health and well being of nurturing women. So of course they are willing to become a visual supporter of the pink ribbon campaign!

This support is not one-sided. Seeing a dog or cat clad in cute pink ribbon apparel might be just the lighthearted lift a cancer patient or survivor might need. Imagine participating in a fundraiser walk with your cute dog rallying the troops in her pink outfit. We can't underestimate the power of joy in the healing process. Pets can play an important role in that, which transcends concerns that some have regarding the over-commercialization of the breast cancer cause. Dogs don't care about that stuff. They just love to bring comfort wherever they go!

Breast Cancer Awareness Applies to Pets

Humans aren't the only ones to be affected by mammary tumors. Breast cancer in dogs accounts for 50% of canine tumors, with about half of those being malignant. The older the dog, the greater the chance for tumors to develop.

Breast cancer is more rare in cats than in dogs; however, it is much more deadly in cats as 90% of feline breast tumors are malignant. There is also the issue of cats being generally less willing to get that belly rub that may detect an early lump.

Breast Cancer Prevention/Screening in Pets

The best way to prevent breast cancer in pets is to have them spayed before their first heat cycle. While this may not always be possible, it is the best choice for your pet's health. Additionally, early spays prevent pet overpopulation.

To check for lumps on your pets, be sure to stroke their undersides regularly, checking for any changes in the eight mammary places. Survival rates increase with early detection, so be sure to become familiar with your cat or dog. The "wait and see" approach some have towards their pets could be deadly.

Pets Can Show Their Support

We carry several pink items for your pets to show physical support. And throwing on one of our tanks for cool days or for layering under heavier coats for cleanliness and added warmth is both practical and fun. Plus, dressing your dog or cat is a great time to do those examinations!

Feel free to check out our selection of Bark for a Cure products and accessories. Any pink product is always in fashion! It's like the new black! Shop

Brenda McKenzie on October 11 at 12:46 PM said:

I'm a breast cancer survivor so I can't thank u enough for helping out to find a cure. Luv u guys Brenda
Mary on October 11 at 2:31 PM said:

You are welcome. So glad you're triumphing over the disease!

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