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November 14, 2017

Explore the Best Gift Ideas for Your Pets

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Whether you are shopping for the holiday season, your pet’s birthday or just because, you want to make sure that you find something perfect. There are dozens of cool gifts for pets, so it can be overwhelming at first. Having a list of some of the most popular options can help to narrow it down, so that you can put your focus on the wrapping and presentation.



Chew Toys for Your Dog


If you have a dog, you know that a good chew toy can be hard to find. If they are not high in quality, your dog will destroy it in a matter of days. A rubber stick chew toy is a good choice and an excellent gift. It is going to last and you can engage with your dog when he or she is playing with it. It also helps to keep your dog away from your shoes and using them as chew toys.


A rope tug toy is also a good choice. Just make sure that the rope is thick so that it is not easily torn apart. Having it connected to something larger and more durable, such as a ball, can add to the durability. This also gives you something to hold onto when you are playing with your dog.


Cool Toys for Your Cat


When it comes to finding the perfect toys for your cat, you cannot go wrong with things that move or something that has catnip in it. Catnip comes in many forms, from bubbles to pillows filled with the stuff. Think about your cat’s energy and the type of toys that they prefer to make the best decision.


As for toys that move, you might consider a laser pen or balls. Something they are able to chase around the house is always a good option. A toy on a string can also work and it allows you to play with your cat.


A New Bed for Your Cat or Dog


Pets love comfort just as much as humans do. If you prefer your pets stay off of the furniture, you have to give them a comfortable place to sleep and a pet bed is the perfect option. These come in an array of sizes and fabric types, so it is not too difficult to find one that is going to work. You can even find orthopedic pet beds, ensuring that your pets have the right level of support while they are sleeping or taking a nap.


Look for a bed made of a plush material, so that it is soft. You can also add some small pillows and a blanket, especially in the winter, for warmth and a little extra comfort.


Clothing for Your Cat or Dog


When it is cold outside, your pets feel it just like you do, so a nice coat can be a great gift for your pet. Whether you are just going for a drive with them to the pet store or you are taking them to the vet, you want to make sure that they are comfortable. You can find basic coats, as well as ones that have longer sleeves and hoods. Think about how much fur your pet has and how they generally react to the cold to make the best choice.


In addition to coats, there are T-shirts, dresses and similar items that your pets might enjoy. For example, if you want your pet to be a part of your wedding, you might opt for a cool tuxedo or a dress for them. If your pet is joining you for the game, pick up a shirt for the team you are rooting for, such as a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey.


Jewelry for Your Pets


If you like bling, you want to make sure that your pet has something to match. You can find just about any type of jewelry for your pet, but a necklace is the most popular option because it is the most comfortable for your pet to wear. If you want to keep it simple and elegant, go for a pearl necklace. If you prefer a more noticeable or boho look, you can find a necklace that is packed with flowers.


For pets who are not fond of necklaces, you can opt for a tie. These come in a variety of colors and are easy to match up to any outfit your pet might be wearing. Or, you might just want them to match what you are wearing.


Bowls and Feeding Dishes for Cats and Dogs


Some pets are rather picky about the bowls and dishes that they eat out of. Finding something that they love can be the perfect gift. There are many options, from a basic set of bowls, to those that are elevated off the floor. You also have interactive feeder options that you can explore.


If you often take your pets in the car with you, you want to have a set of bowls that you can easily carry in a purse or your jacket pocket. There are bowls that fold up so that they are easy to transport, allowing your pet to easily get food and water on the go.


Collars for Cats and Dogs


Collars not only add a decorative flair, but they also give you a place to put your pet’s ID tags. If your pet ever gets lost, this tag will allow whoever finds them to bring them back to you. There is no better gift than your pet getting a chance to come home to you after getting lost. You can also add things to the collar to make them even more stylish. For example, you can add some charms or a small bell to the collar so that your pet can celebrate their unique personal style.


All of these gift ideas are sure to make any dog or cat happy. Whether you opted for a new cat bed or for a toy that lets your pet get active, you will get a chance to let your pet know that you love them and are thinking about them.

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