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July 8, 2011

Find Out Why Tazlab Has Our Safety Approval + Enter To Win a Travel Bag

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The good thing about working for BaxterBoo, besides the fact that my boss shares a similar dog-hair covered wardrobe, is that I have access to thousands of great pet products at my fingertips. I can literally buy something and then pick it up from the warehouse in a matter of seconds.

Since warmer weather tends to bring out the adventurous side my of husband and I, we tend to dust off the backpacks and fill up the gas tank quite frequently during the summer. We love to take our little Maggie out, but packing all of her gear can be a pain. So, I turned to work to find a travel kit. The one bag came to mind was the Tazlab Travel Bag.

Tazlab believes as much as we do in taking care of the ones you love the most. A dog’s safety is extremely important and they show that in their products. They are concerned with humans as much as dogs (well…almost). They design products that are sleek and stylish for the modern human, as well as safe and innovative for your dog.

Besides the travel bag, Tazlab makes other great products that are good for safety concerns. Their leashes offer hands free walking. The leash actually has a clip on it, so you can clip it around your waist. You can also use the clip to marry two leashes together, making life for dog walkers a breeze. Of course it wouldn't be a Tazlab product without the safety feature, so Tazlab threw on a safety whistle, to blow in case of emergencies, which we really love. I, personally, also liked the fact that I could walk my dog with my hips and use my hands for texting.

Another one of their most popular products are their collars. They are designed to stretch when it's not clipped with a leash. This allows your dog to slip free in a potentially life-threatening situation. The nylon clip rings are strong and secure and the elastic ensures durability and control without stretching out or breaking away.

So, why am I telling you all of this? Well, my dog, Maggie, is my baby, and since summer brings a ton of travel, I wanted other dog mothers and fathers out there to know that there are good products out there that can benefit you as well as the safety of your dog. I am impressed with Tazlab and their safety products. Travel is an important part of my life and being prepared is a must.

Plus, I also thought it would make a good...


Want to win a Tazlab Travel Bag? It consists of a classic messenger bag that is almost invincible, water resistant and oh, so stylish (black goes with everything right?). And, if that isn't exciting enough, open it up to reveal a food bag that easily attaches in place so it will never fall over, a famous Aqua-Fur Travel Bowl in orange, and a water bottle. With convenient pockets and compartments the bag practically organizes itself.

We are giving away the travel bag (valued at $69.97!) to one lucky winner. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling us how bad you need a travel bag, or where you would go and what you would take with you! That's all you have to do.

We will randomly (using choose a winner on Friday, July 22, 2011 at 5pm EST. Open to U.S. residents only (sorry Canada). Winner will be announced here on the blog and on our Facebook page. Good luck and thanks for entering!

BONNIE WISE on July 8 at 6:31 PM said:

This sounds like a great product for my 2 small Shih-tzu dogs named Lacie and Baby. They are my little girls and are just the most precious dogs to me--I would always put there safety first. When I take them on trips with me I have to use a old worn bag to put there water in and there dog food to go to Grandma's house or to go on a trip to Virginia to see my Aunt I take them and never have a stylish Travel Bag for them for there different food and treats. They both drink out of same dish but I use two different food bowls for them. Gosh, this would be such a nice gift for them as I can't afford something that expensive at this time - cause I am on disability and don't get much for the month. I hope I have a chance of winning!!! Thanks, again. Fondly, Bonnie Wise
Megan Zelenak on July 8 at 6:46 PM said:

Hi, My name is Rudy, and I'm a black lab. I love to travel with my Mommy, especially to the beach to see my doggie cousins. It's a kick to ride in the car, A/C blowing my fur so it spreads around Mom's car evenly. But the best part is when we get there, and me and the cousins go crazy! We know it will be beach time soon! All of our stuff gets packed up and we're ready! Too bad, all my supplies are in a Walmart bag. :( I'd love to be the one with the cool gear to show off! The Tazlab goes great with black lab. I'd even model for you! You'd sell a million of them then, because I'm handsome. Just sayin. Anyhow, pick us!! oh, and don't tell Mommy I can type, she'll make me get a job.
Erin on July 8 at 6:56 PM said:

This is an fantastic sounding kit. I take my cat Tookie, who i'm pretty sure is a dog stuck in a cats body, out with me I always just throw everything he needs in a backpack. Needless, to say it gets messy. This would make our treks through the woods to get to our fishing spot much easier. I have a harness for him but holding the leash while keeping an eye on him and not tripping is a bit difficult. The clip woyld make life easier.
Dawn Castillo on July 8 at 7:08 PM said:

This kit sounds like just the thing I need for day trips with my babies Bubbles and Buttercup. I love hiking in the Santa Monica mountains, visiting Tom's Farms, and generally taking my girls wherever I go. However, having two 70 pound dogs in tow makes travel challenging. This travel kit would make life so much easier.
Chelsea Kendall on July 8 at 7:17 PM said:

My 3 year old min pin Tilly goes everywhere with me. Last weekend we went up to my fiance's cabin in northern Az. Tilly (which we never tried to breed) had a false pregnancy. So she was nesting all of her stuffed toys, acting like they were her babies. This would've been nice to have so we could keep all her stuff, including her babies, together. She is now almost over the false pregnancy, thank goodness. I was getting tired of waking up with tons of stuffed toys in my bed!
Sue Kneeland on July 8 at 8:26 PM said:

My boyfriend was recently deployed to Afghanistan. I miss him so so much. While he;s been away, I have been taking my dog, Jeb out hiking. Its therapeutic for me, as it keeps my mind off missing my guy; and its great exercise for both me and Jeb!! We could really use the travel bag, and winning something would be such a good thing to write about and share with my guy!
Oouch Bald Eagle on July 8 at 8:31 PM said:

My mama needs to get that for me bcuz we travel all over for work and she is always tryna carry my food, water, spray bottle, sunglasses, sandlez & snacks in a plastic bag or a bucket & she always ends up dropping or leaving sumpthing bhind. That would help her out a lot & I don't like 2 c my mama frustrated @ work, cuz she can't find my stuff.
Katherine Thai on July 8 at 8:39 PM said:

I would love to take my Pomeranian out without having to fumble with all his stuff for a day out at the park, a trip to visit family, or a short trip. As a responsible pet owner every trip requires a few leashes, toys, treats, water, waste bags, doggles, shoes, and first aid. :)
Nicole Molenda on July 8 at 8:42 PM said:

Jeter and I travel in between Florida and Ohio several times throughout the year. As well as all over Florida. He needs this travel bag so that all the other puppies can stop making fun of him for his Pink (mom's favorite color and EVERYTHING is pink) bags when he already has confidence issues being a male, little dog.
Candice Johnson on July 8 at 8:46 PM said:

Love this travel set!We are taking our new French bulldog to Cocoa Beach soon and this would be perfect for our Summer travel vacations with her!Hoping she wins!Thanks!!!
Will Johansen on July 8 at 8:47 PM said:

Jeter, Nicole and I travel in between Florida and Ohio several times throughout the year. As well as all over Florida. He needs this travel bag so that all the other puppies can stop making fun of him for his Pink (mom's favorite color and EVERYTHING is pink) bags when he already has confidence issues being a male, little dog. Also, I NEED this bag, since I am the one who gets the luxury of carrying the bags wherever we go, and I am tired of receiving awkward looks from Security, Flight Attendants, and every other person in the airport that sees me. THIS is why we need to win this set!
Janet Carlson on July 8 at 8:53 PM said:

This is perfect for my Cavalier baby, we take her everywhere! Especially car shows and cruise night, she has a hoard of adoring fans and many times it is a last minute decision so a grab and go packet for her is a must!!
Jena on July 8 at 10:50 PM said:

We need a bag for hiking with Maia - our miniature schnauzer - that my husband can take without feeling like he's carrying an old purse of mine... which is what all her gear is in now! :)
Anjanette Bramkamp on July 8 at 10:54 PM said:

My babies Jessie and Sammie would love a cool travel bag because then they won't have to wait on me to find everything before we can leave the house. I take them with me everywhere they are aloud to go but just this last fourth of July when we went out to the lake Jessie had to suffer without her new pink little sunglasses I just got her cause I forgot them. I am very unorganized and this would help my babies a lot!
Dalia on July 9 at 12:32 AM said:

I travel for a living! My husband is an adjuster and we travel all over the US with our 2 dogs and cat! I would like to give this product a try... and what a better way than winning it!
Linda on July 11 at 6:45 PM said:

My lab mix has his own backpack (from you guys) with his water and treats in, but our new terrier mix puppy is too small to carry his own stuff yet. We really need a bag like this for him.
Kristin Turner on July 11 at 7:05 PM said:

Wow, a Tazlab bag. Rylie and George would love it and use it all the time. They are the best dressed dogs in our county thanks to and if I had this bag they would be proud to be seen with me - BOL!! It would be really fun to take this bag with us everywhere we go, everyday!!
Tara on July 11 at 7:08 PM said:

My two little corgis are adventure seekers extraordinaire! They love to go camping and hiking, and yet sometimes I mess up :( On our last camping trip I completely forgot to bring a bowl! So we cut the bottom off of a water bottle to hold the puppies water and their food just went straight on the dirt, as much as they didn't seem to mind I felt like such a bad mommy to my little babies! If I had this pack I would be able to have everything organized and ready to go for our adventures! Then we would be able to have more fun hiking and more fun showing off to the big dogs that little corgis have just as much energy and spirit as they do!
Linda Barr on July 11 at 8:01 PM said:

We're taking our puppy Baxter for his first beach vacation in August. Baxter is a lot like our kids were when they were small, meaning that he needs to travel with lots of stuff, like water, treats, toys to keep him occupied, his various leashes, and lots more. It's 7 hours to the beach, and having all his stuff organized and easy to reach will make our lives and his first vacation experience so much happier!
Maxi Nation on July 11 at 8:12 PM said:

Lately we've taken to biking with our dog using a Walky-Dog but find packing her necessities a real problem. The traditional backpack is hot and sweaty wear...but, without saddle bags strapping something down to the rack in the back isn't very's very time consuming to unstrap everything every 20 minutes for 5 minutes of water and rest just to have to hook it all back up again. This sounds like it may be a perfect solution! If not, it would be great for our hikes and day-trips!
Carol on July 11 at 10:26 PM said:

This sounds great! Would come in handy when visiting senior centers with pets on wheels group. Also would come in handy on our roadtrips!
Laura on July 11 at 11:54 PM said:

Please ,Please my beautiful chihuahuas mother Blondie and her daughter Daisy just got to win this!!!! We live 35 minutes to the nearest store and this bag would hold all of their toys and snacks and their food and water.It would also a change of clothes so my girls would be ready to face the would.What a great product.We would rock this out everywhere we went.Just love the orange one !!!!Wow wouldn't it look fabulous with some glitter or sparkly things on it.PLEASE ... I just got to have one!!!!My Chihuahua"s will tell everyone where we got it so proudly.
Debi on July 12 at 11:16 AM said:

I am a Ride Captain for the Patriot Guard Riders, I must be ready at a moments notice to travel to show support of our troops, when I have to take my boys with me it can be upsetting if I forget a beloved toy, having a bag just for them would greatly help to get going faster and make it easier on them being away from home.
Erin on July 15 at 6:47 PM said:

We have a new pup Lucy who was a rescue dog and she doesn't like to stay home locked in the house. This would be a great thing to have for her when we go to town or to the park. That way she'd have her own water, food and a place for her leashes and puppy stuff.
Julie Hisle on July 15 at 6:52 PM said:

We have an 8 month old Cockapoo and just got her a 10 week old Cockapoo sister. Josie and Ellie both have their own carseat for their safety and enjoy the daily errands around town or the trips to my parent's farm where they can explore! They also go on nightly walks, since it cools off "a little" at that time off day. These are the first puppies we have ever had in my life(I'm 52) and that my daugher has ever had(she is 24). This has been a daily learning experience, but worth every minute of it! There have also been alot of things to purchase and this would be the last thing to check off our list! Orange and black are the colors for a new product that I am a distributor for! How prefect since the logo on my car is in those colors! :)
A. Wright on July 15 at 7:07 PM said:

This would be great for me and my dog on our trip to California!
Debbie Mischo (and Meg) on July 15 at 7:16 PM said:

Hi, I'm Meg (short for Miigwich, which means "thank you" in my mom's Native language). I really need a new travel bag, and when I saw the one being given away I had to do my happy dance because I need one so badly. My current bag is pretty tattered because my family is so active and takes me places other dogs don't always get to go and it's made out of fabric, which we've learned isn't the best material for a bag for me. Having this bag would mean that my mom could get me what I need (or, more accurately, just want at that moment, but don't tell her because she thinks she's doing something vital for me) when we go to places like the Mountain, the lake, to play with other buddies at the dog park, and all of the festivals and events that I get to go to with them. I'm a pretty lucky pup, having been adopted from a rescue group, and my humans are trying to give me the best of everything. I can tell from the picture that this bag would let mom pet me while holding my stuff, get at my stuff more easily, and just be more organized. That makes my butt wiggle just thinking of all the places we can go together. But my humans haven't found a bag that keeps my very important puppy stuff organized and safe, and having everything in one waterproof, durable place will make me one happy pup (and I'll bet my humans would be really excited about it too). Thanks--I really hope I win this awesome bag! --Meg (with a little help from Mom)
Ann on July 15 at 8:09 PM said:

Roxy needs this bag for all her stuff when we go to the mountains. We love Baxter Boo!
Mary Thomas on July 15 at 8:13 PM said:

Looks like a really cool bag and would work great for my chinese cresteds Gigi and Qia. THey love to travel in the car to the park and beach.
Mr. Tumnus and his owner Lisa on July 15 at 10:26 PM said:

Hello, My name is Mr. Tumnus and I'm a 6 month old toy poodle. Since I'm still a baby, there are so many things that I need to take with me when I go out with mommy (which is all of the time). I also think it would be good for my big brother, Rocko, who is 13 years old (pretty old, huh)! He is sick and needs to take medicine a lot, so mommy has to keep it with her incase he starts to feel bad or get sick. He still loves to go hiking with us and play in the water with me (but sometimes he gets really tired and mommy has to carry him)! I think this bag would be perfect for my mommy because she is always fumbling with grocery bags (one for each of us) plus her own bag. I think something nice like this would make things so much easier on her when we go out. It's so big, she could even put her own stuff in it, so if she has to carry Rocko, it won't be too much for her to handle. She also said this is a very good brand to have because it will last until I'm 13! Please consider my family because we'd love to have this for our adventures! Thank you! Mr. Tumnus, Rocko, and Mommy!
Avis on July 15 at 11:39 PM said:

Dugan, who is maybe seven (he's a rescue dog, so we really don't know) seems to have more stuff than my human child ever had, and we need to take a lot of it along with us where ever we go. We are always forgetting something! If we don't win, please give the bag to Dugan's cousin Miigwich, & maybe she'll share!
Harvey "Birddog" Diaz on July 16 at 12:49 AM said:

WOOF, WOOF. Translation: I-need-this-bag-so-my-mom-will-take-me-out-this-summer-without-forgetting-my-stuff-she-always-forgets-to-bring-something-and-this-will-help-her-keep-organized-OK-thanks
Linda Eady on July 17 at 2:06 AM said:

My lil old Man (Tiger) Loves to go everywhere with us. He would love to get a classy, cool travel bag of his own. (He hides his face when we travel because all his gear goes into Zip locks) He has asked me (Yea he talks to to get him some cool travel gear..but understands that his daddy has been sick n we just can't afford it right now. Tiger is very understanding about our financial situation..but for some reason...has pulled his zip locked food/bowl out of the suitcase.. and is watching the mail box...hmmmm.. don't let this poor old dog down... he is waiting for "HIS" new Tazlab Travel bag...
Linda on July 18 at 12:40 PM said:

I want this bag.
michelle maggio on July 21 at 3:19 PM said:

My Toy Yorkie, Teddy would certainly love this. Right now all his travel needs are kept in my old Barbie Doll case from when I was a young girl. I dont think Teddy likes having such a "girly" suitcase for all his stuff.
Carol DeArmitt on July 21 at 5:53 PM said:

Shu Shu and I belong to Pets on Wheels. We travel to local nursing home and rehab centers to visit dementia patientS. This would be great to have when visiting.
KrisD Mauga on July 22 at 10:41 AM said:

Well I love to travel and if I can bring my boys even better! we just went to June lake and Guinness and Bassee loved being on the boat and hiking with us. Summer is not over so i think now it's time to take the boys on another hike up in Washington!
Kathy Iannuzzi on July 22 at 11:06 AM said:

This bad would come in super handy! I've been using a plastic bag to carry water bottles and a bowl when I take my frenchie out. This would be such an asset as I could carry his cool coat and collar and a few toys when we go for our walks!
Audrey Marschinke on July 22 at 11:15 AM said:

This sounds exactly what my girls need. They are always embarrassed to go out with me because I carry all their necessities in a grocery or walmart bag . . . whatever I can lay my hands on to stick their stuff into. We travel in a motorhome so this would make it soo much easier for us to grab and run!! We would all like to win this!!
Judy Johnson on July 22 at 11:23 AM said:

We travel so much to agility trials, this would be a great bag to have. Everything in one place. We go to one or two trials a month and would love to have this bag. Our Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier is doing very well in the competitions and this would make a great addition to her winning accessories.
Marco Georeno on July 22 at 1:40 PM said:

My two Chihuahuas and I always go out for trips when I am not working. This bag would allow those trips to go shopping, the mountains or the beach to go much smoother for them and me. It's not exactly stylish for a guy to be carrying a backpack full of stuff for his dogs. A messenger bag fixes that without losing any functionality.
Sue and Jeb on July 22 at 1:52 PM said:

Jeb is a a very active 1 year old Vizsla. He loves going out in the fields and marshes and for me it is good therapy, as My boyfriend is currently deployed. Not only does it keep my mind of missing him, the hiks with Jeb are getting me in shape!! I could really use the Tazlab travel bag not only for our hikes, but for a planned 2000 mile road trip!!
deanna on July 22 at 6:05 PM said:

Drumroll......our Giveaway winner is entry #38 Kathy Iannuzzi Entries were chosen randomly using you to all who participated! Be on the look out for more fun giveaways!
Jessica Jepson on November 9 at 1:30 PM said:

Dear Tazlab, Hi My name is Jessie and i have a wonderful little white chihauhua. His name is Rupert. Rupert is a charming and very well behaved 6 month old puppy.He sits, stays, laysdown, dances, and fetches.He is so good I love to take him places but since we live in California i can't take him anywhere in the summer!! Last time i took him to the park his water bottle leaked everywhere and he was soon out of water. He got very sick from the heat before we could get home to get him some water. So now my husband wont let me take him anywhere and he wont buy me a proper traveling bowl and bottle for him. so Rupert is stuck at home while our german sheperd gets to go and play at the park.Its not fair!! I really hope you Consider me for this win. He really is a sweet boy and doesnt deserve to be stuck at home. I love my rupert and want to take him with me again!! Love, Jess
Rafete on April 23 at 2:52 AM said:

Ohh, jaz tudi komaj ?akam tvojo novo kolekcijo (barve mi mo?no adodpejo), pa Artmarket, pa pomlad v prestolnici, pa pohajkovanje po tlakovcih . bajdevej, a je tista prva zadevš?ina še od Novega leta ostala ali imte novo baro?nowanabee dekoracijo v mestu?

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