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May 9, 2012

Finding the Right Chew Toy for Fido

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I got a message on Facebook from a delighted yet slightly disappointed fan about her dog chewing one of our toys to bits and pieces quickly. Even though I am a famous world traveler, I like to have that personal touch and let my fans know that I hear them. Where you hurt, I hurt. It may be difficult to comprehend that pet guardians have to provide items for their dogs knowing full well that those items will be destroyed. Such is the nature of chewing. There are several reasons we dogs chew.

In puppies, chewing alleviates the pain associated with teething by massaging the gums and helping new teeth work through the gum tissue. But like human babies who are always sticking things in their mouths, puppies gain a lot of information about their environment by tasting and chewing everything. (Boy does that seem like a long time ago for me!) The key is teaching our young friends what is acceptable to chew and what isn't. Don't confuse your dog by offering a shoe-shaped toy to play with and then wonder why your new Nike's got ingested.

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We adult dogs also enjoy chewing, but this chewing behavior may be related to separation anxiety, boredom, need for attention, or a self-soothing behavior.  For puppies and adult dogs, it is imperative to give us items we know we are allowed to chew so that we will leave your valuables alone. This natural behavior, especially chewing bones, might be the after-dinner equivalent to retiring with a nice cigar to the gentleman's quarters. It's a soothing comfort for refined dogs such as yours truly. But with all the products available, how does one choose the appropriate items for your dog?

Go Natural

Some pet owners prefer natural items for their dogs such as rawhides, bones, and various animal products. Even for a refined dog such as me, I do enjoy getting back to my wild roots. One of our products that has surged in popularity are our antler treats. The reason being is that they are long lasting, come from clean, natural, wild sources, and provide valuable nutrients for dogs while keeping our teeth clean. They don't splinter, and smell amazing to us dogs, yet are odorless to humans. They are also guilt free since deer and elk shed their antlers yearly. Ours are sanded for safety and available in a variety of sizes to satisfy any dog's chewing needs.

Chewing Should Be Fun!

We offer an amazing selection of great dog toys that are made for chewing fun! We have products by Kong, Nylabone, Busy Buddy, and others that can be stuffed with our liver-flavored paste or peanut butter to challenge and entice even lazy dogs to play and chew! Some bounce or randomly dispense treats to keep us interested and entertained. These are great toys to rotate in and out of your pup's days, especially while you're out (if you've supervised us first, for safety.)

Who Doesn't Love a Stuffed Friend?

We dogs love something to cuddle with, or to carry around in our mouths like we just had a successful "hunt." Select stuffed items specifically designed with dog safety in mind (no plastic eyes to be ingested) and check to make sure we haven't decided to make a snack of those delightful squeakers. Pay attention to size to match your dog's needs (rodent-sized, bunny, duck, etc.) And if you're dog is an aggressive chewer, we offer products with chew guards in them that are reinforced to be durable investments to your pet's long-term enjoyment. But keep in mind, part of the joy for us is in leaving our mark on these things! Thrashing them shows accomplishment! So don't get something made of ballistic materials for Fifi the teacup poodle or she will grow bored with the toy if she can't make any "progress" on it.

Yes, friends, we dogs truly appreciate a good chew! Believe me, I get my scheduled chew every day and my dentist says my teeth look very healthy for my age. And I am a very well-behaved, refined fellow thanks, in part, to allowing a healthy outlet for this natural part of my life. We hope these tips will help you select items to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Yours truly,


P.S.: Leave us a note and tell us what you'd like to see us carry more of or what has worked for your pet's needs.

Patricia Trevillyan on May 11 at 4:51 PM said:

I give my standard poodle rawhide bones. When he chews them it leaves sticky residue on the carpet. Are there any bones that will not do that yet give him is chew time?
baxter on May 13 at 3:30 PM said:

I consulted with customer service on this issue as I don't personally ponder things like floor coverings. Ms. Barbie says that if you are using the rawhides that are basted (brown with flavor) that they have the potential of leaving your carpet messy. She recommends using the plain white kind, though your dog may prefer the flavor-enhanced ones.
Joanne Curtis on May 28 at 2:15 PM said:

We once had a dog that chewed and tore-up just about every toy we gave him. I think toys have to be picked out very carefully, so your dog does on ingest something he shouldn't. Thank you for sharing some of the reasons that puppies and adult dogs chew.

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