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August 3, 2012

From the Desk of Ms. Boo: How to Help Your Human Get Ready to Travel

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Dear Gentle Readers,

Mistress Mary is all stressed out. She gets this way when she has to go out into the big world. And it is a scary world out there... I really don't blame her. I took a flying leap over one of my dog siblings who was being let outside (I was imagining I was a superhero) and found myself unexpectedly out the door.

I was so freaked out, I spent the day under the deck while she was at work. The boys tried to coax me out, but Ms. Mary makes me feel the safest, ever since that day I melted into her arms at the shelter. I wasn't going to come out until she got me. That experience was enough to let me know that staying home is best, unless she takes me to work, of course. I love going to BaxterBoo. I mean, they need me. Who else will test out the best kitty toys?

Anyway, back on topic... Ms. Mary is going on vacation. To some strange place called Alaska. I prefer not to go. Too cold. Too wet. It seems their best feature is salmon, and I hope she brings me back some! That would make a delightful belated birthday present (after all, I just turned 1 on July 21!)

So here are my plans to make her traveling transition as smooth as possible:

  1. Lay on all clothing items that are laid out to pack. Humans need reminders that they are loved while they are gone. Nothing says "I love you" like a nice layer of cat hair.

    Watchcat and ninja...

  2. Encourage affection breaks by rubbing against the human whenever signs of concentration or tension develop (i.e., the brow gets too furrowed with hurried chores like laundry, packing, and cleaning.)
  3. Attempt to make the house sitter feel more comfortable by showing her where the food and all the treats are, as well as where my favorite faucet to drink out of is located.
  4. Work on my watchcat skills. I am spending a lot of time on windowsills to monitor the goings on in the 'hood to make sure everything is in order. My cat ninja skills will come in handy too!
  5. As far as instilling courage as I launch my lady out into the world, I will simply purr contentedly on her lap, to remind her that she is purrfectly wonderful, even when she isn't really doing anything. Surely the rest of the world will like her just fine!
It's a tough job, being a cat. We felines work so hard to ensure our humans survive and even thrive when they are away from home. If only they were as independent and easy to care for as Yours Truly!

Ms. Bella Boo

Human psychologist, travel agent, and part-time ninja

Anarya Andir on August 3 at 5:13 AM said:

Awww so cute :D. I'm sure Mistress Mary will forget all her woes when you go to her with cute kitty eyes and rub against her. Cats are too cute anyway
From the Desk of Ms. Boo: How to Help Your Hu on August 3 at 6:58 AM said:

[...] reading here: From the Desk of Ms. Boo: How to Help Your Human Get Ready to … This entry was posted in Blog and tagged cats, change, fashion, food, house, humans, [...]
Patrice on August 4 at 6:55 AM said:

this is great...and soooooo true!

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