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January 17, 2012

Genesis Service Dogs: Providing Free Service Dogs

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Its pretty obvious that we have an obsession with dogs at BaxterBoo, but hey, who doesnt? Their loving, furry, and oh so cute! Besides the fact that they provide support and solace when youre having a rough day, dogs can provide a service to the needy.

Service dogs are trained to assist humans with special needs. Many non-profit organizations have sprung up in recent years that train pups to become guide dogs, balance dogs, seizure alert dogs, insulin level detection dogs, wheel-chair assistance dogs, hearing dogs, and many more.

Dogs are trained to not only become an emotional support, but medical support as well. These pups support the independence and safety of people with disabilities. Without the dogs, life can become much more of a struggle.

One organization that has emerged in an effort to better peoples lives is Genesis Service Dogs. As an Idaho-based, non-profit organization, they breed, raise, and train dogs to assist children and adults in need.

Through volunteers, this organization has seen immense growth. Pups are bred and donated to the organization. However, not just any dog will do. Only those with exceptional skills and temperaments fit to be pared with a special needs child are chosen. Once the pup is selected, a vigorous training schedule turns the dog into a highly qualified working animal.

Humans often will form a strong bond with the service animal. The human becomes reliant on the dog and vice versa. Dogs provide the owner with comfort, independence, and confidence and the humans provide the unconditional love that dogs crave.

The non-profit relies heavily on donations for veterinary expenses, equipment, puppy jackets, and transportation. If you would like to donate, click here.

Do you have a service dog or know someone who does? Share your story with us in a comment below or on our Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of: Genesis Service Dogs

Pami on September 3 at 2:35 PM said:

I think its great, but its time to have service dogs training school were the dog is trained for to disability seizure respond dog and hear alert dog lots of people that have seizure have some type of hearing lots. So we need more training places for this kind of service dog. And you can get vest and service dog patches online at Pup' hope someone will open a training school like this that train Labradoodles, and collies only for this type of work.
Tammt cooperkeeney on May 27 at 6:34 PM said:

What do i have to do to get my dog to be a servis dogs
REGAN K. SAGER on March 10 at 3:33 PM said:

Please e-mail me about a service dog for my 32 year old son. He needs a seizure alert service dog. [email protected] Thank you
Maria on March 21 at 10:03 PM said:

My son has fragile x syndrome and needs a dog for his anxiety please help how do ido it he is 9yrs old
Lori gerardi on April 17 at 5:16 PM said:

I'm in need of a service dog I am n epileptic please contact me at 631-991-7586 thank you I look forward to hearing from you
Lori gerardi on April 17 at 5:18 PM said:

I'm in need of a service dog I am n epileptic please contact me at 631-991-7586 thank you I look forward to hearing from you
THE BIG BAXTER HIMSELF on April 21 at 12:11 PM said:

I wants the free pet who i can dog to my daily every day work, can you provide such animal dog. Plaeses dens to [email protected].

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