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September 11, 2020

Halloween Costumes for Large Dogs

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While everyone loves to dress up their little dogs as hot dogs, pumpkins, or the taco bell dog, big dogs deserve their time in the spotlight too. With Halloween just around the corner, you may want to dress your front door greeter in a cute outfit the kids will love, or you may want your pup to join the party fun and dress him or her in a costume that matches the rest of the family. Of course, we don’t want Fido to feel left out while all the hoomans get to wear fun costumes for a day. Find a costume that will make your big-hearted doggy feel like a million bucks.

Tropical Vibes

Is your pup dreaming of the day where it will be time to shed his winter coat once again and sunbathe in the hot summer sun? If your dog’s happy place is anywhere near the beach, then the Casual Canine Hawaiian Breeze Dog Camp Shirt will hit the spot. This comfortable, lightweight shirt will make your dog feel as relaxed as he would if he were lying on a towel on the sand right now. Best of all, he can even put this shirt back on in the summer when the time to catch some rays has finally come again. Want the matching set? Don’t forget to grab a pair of board trunks to go with it.


Sky High

You may have heard of pigs flying, but did you ever imagine you’d see a dog that can fly? Let your dog’s dream of being like a bird and soaring high in the sky come true by letting him pretend to be a winged animal for the day. The Monarch Butterfly Dog Costume shows off your dog’s glossy sheen while letting him stretch his beautiful butterfly wings for the night. It even comes with a set of adorable antennas to finish the look. If your pup likes to get spooky come Halloween time, they can trade in the maginificent butterfly wings for a pair of bat wings .


Santa Baby

If your dog is ready to zoom right past fall into the holiday season, why not pick her an adorable Christmas dress? The Rubie’s Sequin Mrs. Claus Dog Dress has a sparkling exterior with plush white fur on the borders of the dress and Santa hat. Looking for an outfit for Mr. Claus? Well, we have the perfect costume luxurious enough for the jolly man himself. The Rubie’s Sequin Santa Dog tuxedo fits well on large dogs. It features a sequined red tuxedo vest with a cute belt and bowtie to finish the look.


Bad Boy

Some dogs are just plain naughty, but you love them none the less for it. If your dog has stolen one too many steaks from the dinner table this year or ruined your favorite blue dress, then the Furry Inmate Dog Costume Shirt is exactly what you need. While you’d never really let your four-legged friend spend a night in the local jail, this shirt is sure to lead to some fun mugshot pictures.


Princess for a Day

Is your big girl used to sleeping on the bed and being treated to massages from the family all hours of the day? Whether she’s gentle and regal or a diva at heart, your dog is sure to look beautiful decorated in a sparkling gown. Dress your dog up as a beloved character with the Disney Snow White Dog Costume or just get her a pretty tutu to glam her up a bit.


Hot Dog

Who said that only wiener dogs can dress up as hot dogs? If punny is your style, then get your pup a Hot Dog With Mustard Dog Halloween Costume that fits large, as well as small, dogs. This classic dog costume will always get a few laughs and easily slips on your dog using a couple of straps. This costume is especially perfect if you’re an only mustard, no ketchup, kind of guy.


Oh Poop

While your fluffy canine friend may be an angel most days, there are some days when your dog is either figuratively or, quite literally, a poop head. If your dog doesn’t mind being the butt of other people’s jokes, then the Rubie’s Poop Emoji Pet Hat Dog Costume is a sure way to get your family and friends cracking up and to get your dog plenty of pets. Of course, you can take it to the next level by dressing your dog as a walking Poop Factory Dog Costume .



Being cute and cuddly 24 hours a day can be exhausting, even with all the delicious treats and free rubs. This Halloween, let your dog be adorably spooky with our costumes that are so cute it’s scary. If you’re dressing up as the Transylvania vampire himself, dress your dog in the Halloween Dracula Dog Costume if you need a loyal, blood-thirsty sidekick. Or, he can be the perfect Frankenpup companion to your mad scientist costume. With a duo like you, you’re sure to be a hit at every dog-friendly Halloween party you attend. To really send shivers down everyone’s spines, convince everyone a real werewolf has decided to join the fun with the Zack and Zoey Werewolf Dog Costume .

Whether your dog’s style is funny, scary, or cute, we have a costume that you and your pup are sure to love. Even if your dog is on the bigger side, we have costumes for dogs of all shapes and sizes.


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