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January 13, 2020

Have Fun With Your Pup This Winter With These Activities You Can Do Together

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It's getting colder outside and for most pet owners, that may signal a slowdown in doing active things with your dog. It's essential to get your pup daily exercise, so he won't get bored and also to keep him healthy and trim. Once the colder months arrive and winter is here, there are things you can do with your dog to keep him active throughout the season. You and your dog can try this variety of activities, both outdoor and indoor this winter.

Go for a Snowy Walk

First, start off with a simple activity this winter to keep you and your dog active, going for a walk. If you already take your dog for short walks to do his business a few times a day, consider adding another, longer walk to your daily routine. Going out for a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood every day can help you keep up with your exercise as well.

When it snows, your daily walk with your pet will be even more enjoyable and scenic. Be sure to protect your pet's coat and feet when the temperature drops or winter weather arrives. If your dog is cold, try outfitting him in a doggie coat to keep him nice and comfortable.

Play in the Snow

Another idea that could help you and your pet beat the boredom in the cold winter months is to get outside and play in the snow. Once your region gets a good snowfall of a few inches or more, bundle yourself and your pet up, and get out there and have some fun. Make snowballs and toss them at your pet. Watch him eat the snow and frolic in the powdery flakes. Build a snowman and knock it down with your pet.

Make sure you monitor your pet during your time outside in the snow. If you're worried about him getting cold, put him in a dog snowsuit to keep him toasty and warm. Watch for signs that he is tired cold and go inside for a rest when needed.

Try Skijoring

If your area gets a good amount of snow each year and you love to ski, you could get your dog involved in your favorite sport. While it's not really possible to get your dog fitted with a pair of skis and to accompany you on the slopes, there is a way you can adapt this sport to your pet's needs. A new trend for pet owners who love snowy sports is something called skijoring.

First, get on your skis, and then, grab a special skijoring harness and attach your dog at the end. Your dog will be able to pull you along the trail and participate in the winter fun with you. For a dog with a lot of energy, this is the perfect winter activity to get outside. Make sure you protect your pup's paws with dog boots .

Exercise by Snowshoeing

Besides skiing, another fun winter sport that you could get your dog in on is snowshoeing. If you have experience with snowshoeing, it may be a fun addition to get your dog to be part of the experience.

It's important to start out slowly with your pet when trekking snowy, winter trails. Smaller dogs may not be suited for this activity. If your dog is larger and full of energy, he may love going snowshoeing with you. Be sure to offer any protection for his paws or coat against the elements.

Have Fun Dog Sledding

Some breeds of dogs are built to lead dog sleds, so this is another winter past time that you could try with your pet. Siberian huskies, Samoyeds, Alaskan huskies, Alaskan malamutes and other hardy breeds of dogs may be well suited to do some amateur dog sledding. Some winter resorts have dog sledding setups you can bring your pet to.

Or, if your pet isn't one for pulling a dog sled, you could simply try it on your own with trained dog sledding leaders. Places in Alaska, Canada and other wintery spots offer dog sledding experiences through the snow. Most of these places won't allow you to bring your own pet to ride along with you.

Take a Doga Class

Once you and your pet tire of all of the outdoor winter fun, switch gears and look for more indoor pursuits. Winter may be the perfect season to try a new trend in the dog world, doga. This is a class where pet owners and their pets get to try yoga together.

Don't worry. Your dog won't be expected to pose in yoga positions by himself. Doga is typically done as a partner yoga class, with you and your dog working together. The class is a relaxing way to relieve stress and spend some quality time with your pet. While there is a learning curve for some anxious pets, many dogs start to feel more comfortable as they go to the class more often.

Learn Doggie Massage

After all of those winter exercises and pursuits outside, it's also a good idea to take some time to recharge. Try learning some doggie massage techniques this winter to give your pup some calm relief from typical aches and pains during the coldest time of the year.

Many places offer pet massage classes, so you can learn the best techniques to help your pet release tension from his muscles. You can also try starting off the massage during a grooming session. Use a grooming tool to brush your pet's hair, and then start using some of the dog massage techniques on his muscles when he's nice and calm.

Make a Fun Calendar

Finally, another fun winter activity allows you and your pet to be creative together. Winter coincides with the holiday season and the New Year. This is the perfect time to make your own dog calendar featuring your pet.

Think of different fun ways you can stage each month and get your pet to pose. You may want to focus on special holidays for each month or seasonal events. Pick out some fun outfits for your pup to wear and start taking some snapshots to create your calendar.

You don't have to resort to hibernating with your dog this winter. There are plenty of fun outdoor things and interesting indoor activities you and your dog can try.


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