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November 1, 2012

Help Give Back

main image is celebrating our 6th Anniversary in business! We are honored to have the greatest, most loyal pet-loving customers.  We recognize that it's important to pay forward the blessings that have been given to us.

There is nothing like adversity that makes us thankful for what we have, and this week's storms make us want to be generous. Maybe you feel like us, and don't know where to start when there are so many great organizations that do wonderful things for our furry friends.

Because you are our friends, we want to open up discussion to get feedback on your favorite pet charities and ideas for how to develop programs to give to them. Up to this point, we've only done occasional donations and event sponsoring, but we'd like to funnel our success more strategically.

Please Share:

What are the pet charities that inspire you?

What charities have a great record for fiscal responsibility?

Do you know of a pet cause that has made a huge difference in spite of lean funding?

Keep in mind, that these charities don't necessarily have to be associated specifically with disaster relief, though they can. Some charities may benefit humans with the gift of a therapy animal.

Thank you for your time and input!

Photo courtesy of Prachi Mantri.

Linda Wenger on November 1 at 11:20 AM said:

I follow several animal rescue organizations on Facebook. I'd like to nominate Eldad Hagar, Bill Foundation and Duck Team 6. They all do wonderful, sometimes dangerous rescues and don't appear to be as well funded as many others out there. I'm sure any assistance you could give them would contribute a great boost to their cause. Thank you for caring!
Helene on November 1 at 12:59 PM said:

911 pet rescue is nice , Peg Ortel is doing a lot to help animals . This is her petfinder page . The Rock Feline Adoption Center ( find her on facebook) is also another nice lady who is rescueing cats and who could use help. And then there's Shari at Michigan Orphan Kitten Rescue who is also helping a lot of kittens. It's hard to pick just one cause there's so many wonderful rescues out there doing such amazing work. But those are the three i would like to nominate right now :) Those are all in the USA , if i can nominate one in Canada i would like to nominate SCPN in Dryden Ontario , those volunteers are great too and they're working really hard at building a shelter for the area where i live , we badly need one. :) That's it! Thanks Baxterboo for letting me share those wonderful rescues with you and everyone else :)
Wendy Hutton Little on November 1 at 1:19 PM said:

There are two pet charities that have really inpired me. The first is Lil' Waif Puppy Rescue in Bothell, WA. The rescue is really a family and a few fosters, The family fosters most of the puppies. Lil Waif was founded when Rebecca Kizanis realized that there is a puppy glut in eastern WA. They have many high kill shelters there. There are also many ferral dogs. This stems from pet owners not spaying/neutering their dogs. Rebecca wanted to help. Every penny of their disposable, and some not so disposable income is dedicated to saving puppies. Every totally non essential areas in their home have been converted to puppy pens. There are even areas designated as isolation areas, so that they can help sick littlers and not neglect healthy ones. The family personally spends sleepless nights caring for the sick pups. My little Aidan comes from Lil Waif. He was born, as one of 10 pups, in a high kill shelter in eastern WA. Were it not for Rebecca, I cringe to think of what would have come of him. Rebecca saved the mom and all 10 pups. Aidan is the most amazing puppy; yet, he was a throw away. To think that someone would sacrifice Christmas trees and presents, vacations, celebretory meals, days off, help little puppies like mine survive and wind up in loving, caring homes is not only heart warming it is amazing. She, through her actions, has taught me what is really important. She has made me a better Christian. Aidan has found places in my heart that I, previously, did not know existed. Lil' Waif is an incredible organization run by amazing, loving people. The second organization is NYC teens for animals. It was established by a young teen, who devotes her time to helping animals in need become healthy and find homes. They are involved directly in the care of animals and they also use the internet to help educate people and to advocate for animals in need. They post adoptable animals on their site. They also do fund raisers. Many adults could learn a lot from this impressive, caring group of kids. They, too, are inspirational and their actions are heartwarming.
Mary on November 1 at 1:20 PM said:

I am a big fan of Eldad Hagar with Hope for Paws, for sure, and supported the Bill Foundation on his recommendation. I'll be sure to look at your other suggestion as well. Thank you!
Mary on November 1 at 1:23 PM said:

Wow, thanks for the insights! I look forward to looking into these organizations. Thank you!
Sherri on November 1 at 1:51 PM said:

I personally have worked with Peg Ortel from 911 Petrescue out of Centerpoint IN. She is a very small rescue that runs out of her home and property. She started the rescue after loosing one of her own dogs. She searched the countryside trying to find him, unfortunately she never did, but she did find a lot of strays and people looking for help. She goes above and beyond to ensure the pets she adopts go to wonderful, loving, and forever homes. Once the pet finds the perfect home her contact with them does not end. She will assist in training or problem issues that may arise. Most adopters refer to her as a friend. Since starting the rescue she lost her job, was diagnosed with Cancer and nearly died, and once recovered she went back to school. Never once does she complain, Cause "It's all about saving them". Wish the world had more Peg Ortels.
Helene on November 1 at 4:19 PM said:

Thank you for wanting to help a rescue :) Whoever you pick i'm sure they will be happy to team up with you :)
Helene on November 1 at 4:22 PM said:

Peg is a very caring person , and she does so much to help the dogs. That's why i nominated her too ( 911 petrescue). <3 If this blog was like facebook and i could "like" a comment i would "like" Sherri's comment :)
Wendy Little on November 1 at 4:37 PM said:

My puppy, Aidan, comes from a similar rescue. People like this are angels. I try to support them with toys, supplements...when I can; however, wish I could do more. God Bless them all.
Helene on November 1 at 4:39 PM said:

It's fun to read the comments cause i can learn about rescues i never heard about before. I like the idea of teens helping animals , they are the next generations and might one day be petparents so that's nice to read this :)
Wendy Little on November 1 at 4:41 PM said:

Those who work with rescues are such unsung heros. My baby would, most likely have been euthanized along with his 9 siblings and Mom had it not been for a great lady who runs her own rescue. My puppy, by extension and having started his life in the rescue, receiving so much love is also a lab/angel mix. I'm sure the love he got there is why he has been so sweet right from the second I met him. Thank you to all rescues for saving these great dogs so that people like I can be rescued by the dogs.
Wendy Little on November 1 at 4:52 PM said:

They sure impressed me. I taught teens science and math for 10 years and know that there are many great kids out there. Were I still teaching, I'd be organizing a group through the school to go help at the local shelters. A lot of kids are full of love to give and this is a very good way for them to enhance their abilities to express love appropriately. Some of them need love, also a great way for them to receive and learn how to give love.
Camille on November 1 at 7:16 PM said:

Thanks Helene, we at SCPN sure thank you for nominating us. We had a meeting tonight with are few but very dedcated and hard working volunteers.Much discussion about raising funds to finish the shelter, open the doors and get our furry ones out of the cold.
Melissa Horvath on November 1 at 9:01 PM said:

I am also familiar with Peg Ortel and 911 Pet Rescue and the work she does is fantastic!! I also admire Janice Wolf and her Rocky Ridge Refuge located in Gassville, AR. Janice is a one woman show with virtually no volunteers, What is even more amazing is how calm all of the animals in her care become- all species are like one big family!!
KGM on November 1 at 10:24 PM said:

Nationally, I would go with Noah's Wish. They are a phenominal group who respond to disasters with the SOLE purpose of saving animals. They have no other agenda...the steer who may be destined to become hamburger is treated with the same care and consideration as the family dog. The animals are the most important thing. They not only mobilize during disasters, they hold training seminars and practice drills to train people to respond locally. They follow FEMA COC, are extremely organized, and are continually adjusting protocols to improve the animals comfort, safety, and mental health. Their volunteers pay their own way and are not always funding is critical. I recently took their training and hope to soon finish my FEMA courses and have my "go bag" at the ready. Locally, there are so many wonderful groups who do amazing things on shoestring budgets. In my area, I work with Animal Rescue of Anderson Valley, Inc in California. Contrary to the name, we serve all of Mendocino County and some of Sonoma and Lake Counties. Our volunteers have made the 120+ mile round-trip drive to the nearest Petco to do mobile adoptions EVERY Saturday for 12 yrs. We not only take our fosters (all in volunteer homes), but also rescues/strays from our local humane society, a very rural rescue, and our county-run shelter. We believe the more exposure they get, the more chance they have of a permanent home and it matters not which group they are from. Every adoption means one more space for a new rescue. We also provide funding for no-cost/low-cost s/n, and TNR. In a 2 yr push, we provided over 11,000 s/n surgeries and dropped the euthanasia rate at the county shelter to 12%. We have an active working cat program for displaced ferals and a free senior-to-senior program to provide low-cost companionship for elderly pets and people. Finances are always a concern, and we feel no animal who could have a quality life should be killed for lack of funds. Personally, I am working a non-profit medical fund soon in honor of Alice Ali-gator ( Alice would not be here today if someone had not stepped forward. The first rescue she was with had authorized her euthanasia due to lack of funds. Ali would like to give back and provide financial assistance to ill and injured rescues so that they might have the chance she was become a wonderful companion, service dog, and/or handicapable pet advocate.
Jill Nolan Leister on November 2 at 6:34 AM said:

On Facebook, I am a member to a group called "Eagle Chatters". This group is all about trying to save our beautiful Eagles in certain locations. Recently, there was a story posted about a lady named Evelyn who has a story about dedicating her life to saving not just Eagles, she has nurtured and rehabilitated animals all her life. Her website is: I hope you find her story as moving as I did. There are so many great groups out there that help animals, it will be extremely hard for you to make a choice. I wish you the best of luck.
Lin Clark on November 2 at 8:43 AM said:

shelters in the NY/NJ area affected by Sandy.
Brenda Irwin on November 2 at 9:06 AM said:

Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue (Jason Flatt, founder/president) There is no end to what this man will do not only for dogs, but to help owners of dogs to be responsible in caring for their dogs properly. He will step in to help with medications, spaying and neutering animals whose owners cannot afford it, food and other necessities simply because he wants to see animals well cared for. Please take a look at his FB page - he's an amazing human being who is guided by the goodness of his heart and nothing more. His motto is: "I always thought someone should do something about that.....then I realized, that someone is me". Below is a small excerpt from the "about us" section of his FB page....... OUR MISSION An all volunteer 501(c)3 rescue group in Georgia, the mission of Friends to the Forlorn is to promote responsible Pit Bull ownership, provide breed education, combat pet overpopulation, fight unfair legislation, and find qualified homes for sound Pit Bull dogs in Georgia and around the country. ABOUT THE FOUNDER My style of rescue is a little different than most. I rescue with my heart, and not with my pocket. I never wanted to start my own rescue—I did not want to deal with the bureaucracy that is usually associated with the industry. To this day, I do what I can for the dogs. I am often asked why, of all the dog breeds, I chose to rescue Pit Bulls. The answer is simple. Nobody steps up for Pit Bulls…not even dog lovers. I chose a breed that I felt needed the most help. Most people, including dog lovers, avoid Pit Bulls. These dogs have such negative stigmas attached to them. I want to help open people’s eyes to the truth. The dogs deserve it.
Jerry Wetter on November 2 at 9:08 AM said:

I am very fortunate to be part of a wonderful Labrador Retriever rescue group out of Woodstock,IL called The Labrador Connection. We are a very small volunteer based group that focuses on rescuing senior Labs or those with multiple health issues. We have recently taken in three heartworm positive dogs and two of those are also in need of other major surgeries. Our expenses are high and funds are low but we never turn away a dog in need. There are so many great organizations out there doing whatever they can to make a difference. Thank you for recognizing this and helping.
Angie D on November 2 at 9:10 AM said:

Best Friends Animal Society is in Utah. They are the 1st place I ALWAYS tell people about. They do amazing things. They take on the ones that no one else will. They have dogs, cats, & several other kinds of animals. They had several of the Michael Vick dogs & got them adopted. The ones that could not be adopted, they built special housing for them to live the rest of their lives out. It is at the top of my bucket list of places to visit one day!!!! Their site is . I don't remember how I first heard of them but I have watched them for years & they seem like an awesome group of loving, caring, & hard working people. Whoever you choose, it is just wonderful that you are helping them out.
Theresa Lester on November 2 at 10:40 AM said:

I am inspired by the DUTCH COUNTRY ANIMAL RESCUE, this rescue "group" was actually two women that couldn't sit by and do nothing while animals were being destroyed. Please like them on FaceBook Although these two ladies have rescued “unofficially� for years, DCAR was founded in late 2010, by 2011 they had saved 116 lives and in 2012 they are doing even more. They have established a small network of foster homes in several states, PA, NJ, NY and CA. The rescue is a 501c3 approved non-profit organization headquartered in Bucks County, PA. They finance the rescue of animals by various fund raising activities such as Comedy Nights, pet expos, etc. They get no state, local or federal funds. Most of the animals they rescue are from kill shelter euthanasia lists and DCAR is their last hope, they have pulled many dogs from Los Angeles shelters when local rescues just did not have the resources to save them. To rescue from LA they needed to have cooperation from a rescue there to first pull the animal, then a caring, qualified Vet to provide necessary care, a temporary foster home to hold and love them, and the means to transport them to the east coast. DCAR has also saved untold animals from mass breeding facilities in MO and PA, if not rescued by DCAR they will be destroyed or sold to other mass breeders. For those rescues all the same finances are needed for vetting and transporting. Most of the financing for DCAR comes from their personal accounts, or the generosity of friends, family and supporters of their mission.
Debanie Hael on November 2 at 12:22 PM said:

If you take a look at and go to the bottom of the page, you will see my two rescued Dobermans, Link and Copper. Link, the lighter fawn colored guy, came from a wonderful Doberman rescue group in California called Dogworks provides an array of services for Dobermans who need them. There are some foster homes within the group, but as is so often the case with dog rescue of any kind, there are many times more deserving dogs than they can help. These people are incredibly committed, with several foster homes pretty much being firstly kennels for dogs, and homes for people secondly after that. Copper, the darker red guy, came from Doberman Rescue of New Mexico. Same situation here with deeply devoted people doing important work while being challenged with not enough resources. Dobermans are one of the so-called "bully" breeds about which much is needlessly feared. Much more of the truth of this terrific breed needs to be taught more broadly. Dobermans are loyal, intelligent, sensitive, sweet, loving companions who do not deserve the bad rap they get. Another group I would recommend is Great Dane Rescue of El Paso Texas. This group of volunteers works to find homes and supports the many needs of giant breeds, which can be harder to find homes for. Everyone at all three of these organizations is nothing short of a life-saving, life-enriching angel. These organizations operate their groups sensibly and make known their financial distributions via periodic newsletters. They take care of medical issues, behavioral issues, transportation, so many aspects of caring for the dogs. The dogs really do come first for everyone involved.
Wendy Little on November 2 at 4:42 PM said:

This sounds very much like Lil' Waif in Bothell, WA. Nice to know there are more great people out there.
Beth Shoenberger on November 2 at 10:55 PM said:

Jeremy and Josh, they are all very important, you know? Nationally I'm most in touch with the ASPCA and HSUS - online & email alerts. My local hero is Columbus Dog Connection and their volunteers. Heart & soul dedicated to cats and dogs, their website is a gold mine of resources & information to help and educate: links to shelters and rescues, how-to, puppy mill information, senate bills, state and local media and more. They raise money with their annual WoofStock extravaganza, build raised beds for shelters, share food and supplies with rescuers, and place dogs and cats in only the best forever homes. They are the foundation of bimonthly county adoption events where an average 15 rescue groups gather. I'm so excited to tell you about this part! About two years ago they unleashed The Ohio Spay/Neuter Project, inspired by love for all dogs/cats & the phenomenal rescue & shelter people in the trenches, city and rural, who give so much of themselves to save every one of them. They now have a small local office/warehouse and a mobile spay/neuter bus. They offer clinics at least once monthly for all dog/cat vaccines, flea & heartworm prevention, heartworm test & micro chipping. They get the most bang with the donated bucks.
Patricia Mills on November 4 at 2:09 AM said:

I am so happy to see you both on your website. You make your store family. I would love to see more understanding laws for pet parents. Our Twinkle needs to be with me always she nor we do well without each other. I live in MD and most places are okay. Parents need to be organized and canvas places on their travels then like AARP put in print. Animals can be trained to behave well. Twinkle. Has a stroller and bag for any types of stores. Thank you for your service to our family.

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