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June 26, 2013

Helping Pets Cope with Independence Day Anxiety

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With the 4th of July being just around the corner, we thought we'd give you time to prepare for this loud holiday to make it less scary for Fluffy and Fido. 

Play Music

Music really does soothe the savage beast. There are two thoughts behind music therapy for pets. Some advocate using calm music such as classical tunes to soothe an animal. Other feel that music with periodic crashes and unexpected noises can desentitize your pet. Might we recommend our very own CD? Good Night, Baxter Boo CD offers soothing music for sleepy pets (or pets you want to make sleepy.)

Create a Safe Space

Is there a place your pet tends to gravitate to naturally when they are nervous? Does your cat hide in the top of your closet? Does your dog hide under the bed or in the bathtub? Make these spaces extra comfortable and feel like home with bedding and favored toys that bring your pet joy. For dogs, chew toys are particularly important for them to work their stress with the act of chewing. It's calming for them to be able to burn off the chemicals in their bodies by focusing on the physical act of chewing. If possible, shut the door to this space to keep it secure. 

Update Your Pet's ID

More pets are lost over the 4th of July holiday than any other due to pets being scared of the noises and flashes. Imagine your pet trying to run away from these noises, only to have the crashes and flashes nearby yet again. Your pet is likely to be running for hours and can end up very far from home while trying to escape. This is why having proper identification on your pet is imperative. Microchips should also be updated as a scared pet might slip from a collar when someone tries to help them.

Take Precautions If Traveling

If you are traveling for the holiday and leaving your pet in someone else's care, be sure to communicate what your pet will need during the fireworks. If someone is watching your pet at your home, make them aware of their safe place and comfort items to use and provide cleanup products should your pet become so scared that they make a mess. If your pet is staying with someone else, it's even more important to share how your dog may react during stress. Draft a plan ahead of time to protect your pet and help your helper not feel helpless! Again, having updated identification is very important, especially when leaving your pet with someone else. 

Try Anti-anxiety Products

We have a huge selection of products to help both dogs and cats get through stressful situations. We have calming chews, two types of anxiety jackets, homeopathic remedies, chew toys, calming herbal teas, and more! Every pet is different, so what might work for one might work for another. Try a few remedies, one at a time, to see what brings your pet the best relief. 

Play it Cool

We hope that these tips empower anxious pet parents so they can be prepared to help their pets. After all, if you look nervous, your pet will pick up on this and feed on your fear. Take some deep breaths, and be the calm, confident leader your pet needs so they know everything will be okay.

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