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September 10, 2019

Helping Your Dog Through Storms

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Thunder, lightning, hail and wind. BOOM! CRASH! CREEK! PLUMP! WHOOSH! Weather and all the scary loud sounds that come with it can be concerning for humans, but for pets and small children, loud weather can be absolutely TERRIFYING! There are several things you can do to ease your pet through storms.

1. Create a quiet space

An interior room in your house or apartment without windows will keep the flashing lights of storms from agitating your pet. Some pet owners have found that playing music, turning the t.v., and running a fan can help drown out the sound of thunder, wind and hail. Have a cozy bed, a favorite toy or chew treat to distract your pet and create a feeling of comfort. This room can be used for other occasions when a pet might be nervous such as with fireworks or unfamiliar guests.

If it is impossible to get away from the flashes of lightning (such as with camping) we also carry a ThunderCap Dog Calming Cap , which is also appropriate for use in other scary situations, like vet visits. It is designed to help reduce anxiety. The cap doesn't inhibit vision entirely, but it does reduce visual stimuli as well as placing gentle pressure around the muzzle, which can also have a calming effect.

2. Model calmness

Pets often take cues from their people about whether a situation warrants freaking out. If you are nervous, you can be sure that your dog is picking up on your mood. Practice relaxation techniques and drink some chamomile tea to be the calm pet owner you want your dog or cat to see and inhabit! Listening to music and or watching a movie or t.v. show can also help a lot!

3. Try compression therapy

We have compression shirts and wraps for both dogs and cats . No one knows precisely why these tight-fitting clothing items help anxious pets, but perhaps it's as simple as feeling a warm embrace, but our customers swear by them. Try the Anxiety Wrap TODAY!

4. Calming supplements

There are plenty of herbal, homeopathic and natural formulations that can make a huge difference for pets who have storm anxiety. Try our Pet Naturals Dog Calming Soft Chews or our Bach Rescue Remedy Pets Stress Relief .

No matter where you and your pup are and no matter the weather, make sure your furry and fluffy best friends are always feeling happy and safe!


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