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September 14, 2020

Heroic Hounds: 7 Superhero Halloween Costumes for Your Dog

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When summer ends and fall’s cooler temperatures arrive, you may start thinking about Halloween activities you can share with the entire family, including your dog. While your furry pal cannot share in the bounty of chocolates and candy collected by your kids, he can join in on the fun of dressing up in a costume. You can bring out your dog’s inner hero with these fun and fanciful Marvel and DC Halloween costumes, no matter what your holiday plans.

1. Batman: Brave and Bold

If your dog is a fearless hero who protects your backyard from renegade squirrels and blowing leaves that might be up to no good, then bring out that inner crime-fighter with a Batman, The Brave and the Bold Halloween costume. This is a three-piece outfit that comes in a variety of sizes to suit any heroic pooch, no matter the breed. The leg and jumpsuit pieces have a simple on-and-off design, and bat ears and a stylish cape complete the outfit.

This Batman costume is a fine choice for a superhero-themed Halloween party or if you want to dress your family up as a group of heroes for a trick-or-treating mission. If you have more than one dog, pair this outfit with a Robin costume for a truly dynamic doggie duo!

2. Robin, the Boy Wonder

Every Batman needs his brave and loyal sidekick, and our Robin costume can turn any dog into a helper hound. The outfit features bright, bold colors and a cape that fastens with a simple touch, making attachment and removal simple. The comfortable pullover shirt comes in many sizes, so whether you have a heroic Chihuahua or a wonder of a Weimaraner, there’s a Robin costume for any breed size.

Pairing your two pets as Batman and Robin can make for family photos you will always treasure. If you plan to take your dynamic dogs trick-or-treating with you, remember to add some reflective tape to their collars and keep them on leashes for a safe Halloween outing.

3. Wonder Woman

Every little girl needs her heroine, and her four-legged best friend can fit the bill when dressed in a Wonder Woman costume. From the shiny headband to the slip-on dress, this outfit is sure to turn heads during parties, outings, and when friends come to visit your homemade haunted house. The satin material and bold colors are sure to stand out in photos, no matter the backdrop.

This Wonder Woman costume comes in a variety of sizes to suit almost any breed, including plus sizes. The one-piece style makes for simple removal once Halloween festivities are complete. Store it away or keep it handy for play dates or cosplay fun.

4. Marvel’s Thor

Even the tiniest of dogs can have huge aspirations, and you can help your pet look like a true hero in this Iron Man Halloween costume. The slip-on shirt and headpiece make dress-up time simple, especially when photo opportunities come up at parties and during Halloween walks. You can pair this costume with other Marvel outfits for theme outings or a crisp fall day at the dog park.

This Iron Man outfit comes in several sizes and can be hand washed for storage afterward. Remember to measure your dog properly to ensure the headpiece does not block his vision.

5. The Hulk

Marvel-themed costumes are all the rage this Halloween, and you can include your pet in on the fun by dressing him as everyone’s green fighting machine, the Hulk. This is a one-piece jumpsuit with fiber filling to give your pooch that marvelous physique every Hulk needs to save Halloween from boredom. Even little dogs can discover their inner hero for parties, trick-or-treat tagalongs, or Halloween photo contests.

Because this is an officially-licensed Marvel Hulk costume, you can be assured of its humorous attention to detail, especially the tousled hairy headpiece. Hand wash the outfit after use and store it for use year after year.

6. The Flash

Is your dog a tireless fetcher of tennis balls or running companion? Do his morning zooms make you dizzy? If so, dressing him up as the Flash can make those qualities stand out for Halloween. The slip-on shirt and headpiece make it simple for your pooch to resume his secret identity and suit up again for parties and photoshoots. The bold colors are sure to make him stand out at any gathering, and the outfit comes in several sizes for your convenience.

For some additional fun, pair this Flash costume with other DC selections and turn your pets into a doggy Justice League for photos you can share with friends and family on social media.

7. Superman

There are few other superheroes that are as iconic as Superman. With his many superpowers and desire to help humans, he embodies the best qualities of our pets like loyalty, kindness, and being there when you need him the most. You can showcase how you feel about your pet by dressing him in this eye-catching Superman costume with a removable cape. The shirt fastens easily so dressing and undressing your dog is simpler.

From trick-or-treating missions to greeting visitors, this Superman Halloween costume can provide you and your family with plenty of smiles, especially for small-breed dogs. Remember to keep your super-pooch leashed if you plan to take him along on any outings and keep chocolate well out of reach.

If your dog is your everyday hero, you can bring those feelings to life with our large variety of Halloween superhero costumes. From high-flying heroes to loyal sidekicks, there’s a choice for every furry friend, no matter its secret identity.


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