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November 19, 2017

Holiday Gifts For Your Favorite Dog People

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The holidays are quickly approaching. This year, show your thoughtfulness by giving dog-related gifts to your favorite dog people. You know who they are. They’re the folks who have one, two, three or even more dogs. They think (not without reason) that dogs are more fun to be around than most people. They’ll talk for hours about all the cute things their dogs do and about the special qualities of their chosen breed(s).



If you’re a dog person yourself, dog-related gifts are the perfect answer to family gifts as well as gifts for friends and/or relatives. You might even want to sneak in a gift for yourself! Here are a whole bunch of suggestions.


Christmas Tree Ornaments


If you and your family and friends celebrate Christmas complete with the traditional Christmas tree, dog ornaments are a must. From Boxers to Yorkies and everything in between, there’s a dog ornament for nearly every breed. Some even have more than one version of a specific breed. For instance, you can get a Beagle lying down or a Beagle sitting up.


Since everyone knows that mixed-breeds are just as loveable as purebred dogs, don’t forget your friends who own “mutts.” They deserve Christmas tree ornaments too! How about one with a red bow and paw print? Or how about one that’s analogous to the disks kids make at school with their hand print embedded in the plaster? This paw print ornament looks for all the world like a puppy or small dog left his print in wet cement!


Possibly the ultimate Christmas tree ornament, however, is this dog house ornament. There’s a slit in it where the proud owner can insert a photograph of their special four-footed family member. Warning: you’d probably get several of these for dog people who have multi-dog families!




Everyone loves tee-shirts. They’re the go-to tops for men, women, and kids alike. So what dog lover wouldn’t appreciate receiving a tee-shirt with a picture of his or her favorite breed? Such shirts are available for most breeds, including Black Labs and Golden Retrievers


In a more humorous vein, there’s always a Crazy Dog Mom or Crazy Dog Dad tee-shirt. And speaking of men, what cool guy wouldn’t love this Groovy Dog tee-shirt?  Tough guys, on the other hand, will get a kick out of this Rocky tee-shirt that has a full-color Boxer on the front with his front paws encased in boxing gloves. As for western types, this Cowboy tee-shirt is just the thing. Johnny Cash would be proud of this “man” in black!




For that dog-lovin’ woman on your shopping list, try a pair of sterling silver earrings. These dangle earrings feature various colored crystals and a charm at the bottom in your choice of BulldogChihuahuaDachshund, or any number of other breeds. Again not forgetting the women who own “mutts,” such earrings also come with an “I Heart Dogs” charm or a heart-shaped charm saying “Best Friend” (with a paw print). 


Man Caves and She Shacks


Dog-themed wall plaques are always fun for casual rooms in a dog person’s house. This one says “A house is not a home without paws" and this one says “Love is a four-legged word." For a more personalized wall decoration, try this “Spoiled dog lives here” hanging wall plaque that has a place to insert a 4"x4" photo of the spoiled dog in question.


Magnets for Fridges and Car Windows


Dog-related magnets are inexpensive little gifts that can bring a lot of pleasure to their recipients. This paw-shaped magnet says “Best Friend” and this one says “You had me at WOOF!” This paw-shaped magnet says “When I die my dog gets everything!” and this oval magnet says “My therapist has a wet nose” surrounding a pair of glasses and a dog nose.


Car magnets, too, tend to bring a smile to dog lovers’ faces. This flexible bone-shaped magnet says "Dog Taxi" in black between two horizontal checkerboard black and white bands, all on a yellow background. This paw-shaped car magnet says “back seat barker.” To get the message across to tailgaiters, this flexible magnet is perfect for the back window of a car. It shows a dog's back half with tail aloft and the words “Get off my tail!”


While we're on the subject of vehicles, here's a great gift idea. It’s a bone-shaped license plate frame with an all-over design of the words “Dog Lover.”


Coffee Mugs


 Coffee mugs have been gift stand-bys for ages and dog-themed coffee mugs are particularly appreciated by dog lovers, whether at home or at the office. This bright red mug says “Life is RUFF before coffee.” This white ceramic mug with red interior says “I love my spoiled dog.” This white mug with black handle, rim, dog bones, and lettering, says “dog mom” and its counterpart says “dog dad.”


Stocking Stuffers


Key rings make great stocking stuffers and these dog-themed key rings are sure to be appreciated by any dog lover. This one has a pewter dangle saying “Woof” below a Fleur de Lis. This one has a double-sided pewter dangle. One side says “My angel” below a halo and the other side says “Little devil” next to a pitchfork. Other choices include a key ring with a circular charm containing a star surrounded by the words “Lucky Dog” and one with a charm shaped like a dog tag with the words “All American Dog.”


For dog owners who have a little female dog, try this key ring with an oval dangle saying “Princess” above a dog paw print. Or choose this one with a bone-shaped dangle saying “Pampered” between a paw print on one side and a heart on the other. For friends who are unlucky enough to own “yapper” dogs, sympathize with this key ring with a circular charm containing a crown and the inscription “Sir Barks-a-Lot.”



Holiday shopping is always as much fun for the shoppers as it is for the recipients. With these and many other gifts available online for dog lovers, your shopping will be easy as well as fun.

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