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November 18, 2017

Holiday Gifts For Your Four-footed BFF

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It’s that time of the year again. Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is upon us, and the holidays are just around the corner. Time to shop for those perfect gifts for your family, your friends – and your dog! Of course your dog needs his own gifts, too. After all, not only is he a very important family member, he’s also your (and everyone else’s) BFF. Never mind that in this case BFF means “best furry friend.”



Most pet parents do indeed include their dog in their holiday gift-giving. He may not be able to tear open brightly wrapped presents, but he certainly can appreciate being part of the festivities and receiving his own gifts. He’ll be just as excited about his new toys as your kids will be about theirs. But toys aren’t the only new things your dog will like. Here are a bunch of things made especially for him.


Interactive Toys


Okay, let’s start with the obvious. Dogs love to play. They also love to be challenged. Some dogs, like Poodles, German Shepherds, Jack Russell Terriers, Beagles, Shelties, Border Collies, and other especially intelligent breeds absolutely require mental stimulation as well as physical exercise. They get bored all too easily when they don’t have something to do. During the winter when outdoor activities may be limited due to snow, ice, or just plain frigid weather, indoor toys and games become even more important.


This interactive dog tower has several moveable interior shelves and other places that hold treats. Your dog will love figuring out how to get at the goodies. This kibble nibble toy is shaped like an egg instead of a round ball, making it more challenging for your dog to “roll” it across the floor. In addition, it holds nearly two cups of kibbles that come out of the holes at either end when he gets this toy positioned just right. It’s sure to provide him with hours of fun.


A magic mushroom toy is lots of fun for your dog. What's magic about it? It spins, twirls, and tilts. It even has adjustable “windows” under its cap to make the treats inside come out faster or slower. Kong toys are always great choices for interactive fun and games. This hollow Kong biscuit ball has four bone-shaped holes to release the treats inside. It’s made of hard rubber that is safe for your dog to chew on while also being puncture-resistant.


Winter Coats and Jackets


Big guys like Shepherds, Rotties, Huskies, and St. Bernards, adore snow and cold weather and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a coat. Those are for wusses! Smaller breeds and puppies, however, are a different matter entirely and it’s not because they’re wusses. They get cold easily. If you own one of these little guys, you know he needs the same winter gear that you do.


This reversible jacket does double duty. The burgundy side is waterproof and has a reflective strip. The plaid side is warm cozy fleece. This plaid harness coat is lined and trimmed in fur for extra warmth. Clip the included matching lead to the D-ring and both you and your dog are good to go for that cold, but necessary, winter walk.


Here's a snowsuit that gives your dog full body protection from Old Man Winter. The hood and rear leg pieces zip on and off for whatever the weather conditions call for. Or how about a quilted thermal parka? It goes all the way around your dog's body to keep his tummy area as warm as his back and shoulders. It's fully lined in fleece and the removable hood has furry trim.


Boots and Socks


You wouldn’t go outdoors in the winter barefooted. Neither should your dog. Painful little ice balls can easily form between his toes and many ice melt compounds can actually burn the pads on his feet. In addition, his traction on ice isn’t much better than yours. He needs a good pair of winter boots, even if he’s a big tough guy.


These insulated Polar Trex boots are just the thing for walking on snow and ice. They're weather-resistant, provide great traction, and the extended breathable tops keep his legs warm, too. These zip-on thermal boots have rubber soles with traction treads. And keeping in mind that dogs lose body heat through their feet, the insulation layer in these boots keeps that body heat inside the boot for extra foot warmth.


These dog moc boots are all-weather moccasins made of deerskin for great comfort and durability. They're water-resistant and won’t crack or stiffen up even after repeated wet/dry cycles. For milder winter days, try these non-skid dog socks. They have an elasticized cuff to securely stay on and a rubberized non-skid sole to provide traction on wet, slippery surfaces.


You know how much you love your mukluks. Your dog will love these Muttluks fleece-lined boots just as much. Not only will the insulated waterproof leather soles protect his feet in the winter, they’ll do likewise next summer when he walks on hot pavement or sand.


Christmas Stockings


Finally, if you’re one of those families who always hangs everyone’s Christmas stockings on the fireplace mantle, don’t forget to include one for your dog, too. This bright green velvet hanging stocking says “Merry Christmas” on it. If red is more your thing, this hanging stocking features an overall design of red snowflakes on a white background. It even has a couple of little red "ornaments" hanging down from its ribbed white cuff.


This Doggie Delight hanging stocking is filled with a variety of toys, including a vinyl snowman with squeaker and a festive red and green tennis ball. How’s that for holiday fun? For the ultimate Christmas stocking, hang one filled with dog treats. This hanging stocking contains an assortment of brightly colored rawhide treats in the shape of candy canes, Christmas trees, reindeer, and the ever-popular dog bone. The stocking even comes in three sizes with the treat size matching the stocking size; i.e., small treats for your small dog, larger treats for your medium-sized dog, and great big treats for your gentle giant.



The holidays are a joyous time for everyone. Make your dog part of the action with special gifts just for him.

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