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October 25, 2012

How Music Satisfies the Animal Soul - by Baxter

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It's been a while since I've been able to post any blogs for my adoring fans, but this is because I've been working like a dog (ahem) on a new project. See, as I would travel around the world, wooing various merchants for their wares, part of the cultural norms are to share a meal and good conversation before getting down to business. Believe me, this is something we Americans could learn to savor!

Inexplicably, a lonely musical instrument would be present in the restaurant lounge during these business ventures, strategically placed within my line of sight. When I would make note of it, the host would always urge me to demonstrate my musical prowess. This became such a regular occurrence that I realized that my reputation had proceeded me. I would try to laugh it off and humbly decline, but the patrons looked so longingly at me that I couldn't disappoint them. 

The Long-awaited CD!

Long story short, it was finally suggested that I create a CD so that my required departure wouldn't leave a gap in the hearts of my admirers, and more people could experience the wonder that is me, or rather, the music that soothes the savage beast.

Scientific Proof!

See, studies have been done of late showing that pets truly do appreciate soothing musical sounds. Even animal shelters have begun to pipe in music to relax the temporary inhabitants which makes them more appealing to potential adopters.

Additionally, tests have been done in vet's offices with nervous animals that had recently been admitted to the clinic. Calm, soothing music would slow heart and breathing rates to resting levels considerably faster in the group that heard music than in the group that had not. This was true for both cats and dogs.

The Musical Selection Process

Ms. Boo has actually been quite helpful in helping me narrow my infinite musical creations to select the best songs on my new CD, "Goodnight, Baxter Boo: Evening Music for Sleepy Pets." She would lay near or even on the piano for songs that she preferred, and simply leave for ones she didn't care for. This behavior was also observed in the cats in the study. The cats would lay on or near the speakers for songs the liked, and walk away for ones they didn't.

I am unsure whether these songs' vibrations or tempos affect us animals, or if we are so in tune to our human companions that we pick up on your emotional mood cues and reflect them. But we animals are quite sensitive, and love to enhance the mood wherever we are. If music contributes to this, we are happy to oblige.

I hope you'll check out our new CD. I will add sample clips to the product page soon!



ps on October 25 at 12:27 PM said:

Hey, why don't you sell this on itunes?!! A lot of folks like to just download music now as opposed to copying a disc. Might be worth a go at it and bring in a wider audience too.
baxter on October 25 at 12:55 PM said:

Well, since this is my first foray into music production, the guys upstairs thought we should see if anyone would actually buy it before getting an electronic version going. I TRIED to tell them this was going to be BIG! But Ms. Boo didn't look convinced. I'm not sure why they defer to her. Perhaps it was how she was filing her nails to a point and simultaneously looking bored?
ps on October 25 at 1:07 PM said:

Then get Starbucks to pick a tune as they do for the week. Great advertisement. :) Just trying to make you famous.
Brenda McKenzie on October 25 at 2:47 PM said:

Yes please that would be great as I travel with my dog (shes a little chikie, chihuahua x yorkie) my iPad so it would be wonderful to have in the air port when we have to wait for our flight. B & Zoe
Debbie on October 25 at 3:18 PM said:

Can't wait to hear the sample snippits on the product purchase page.
Susan on October 25 at 8:15 PM said:

Great idea! I often leave the radio on for my pets when I am gone.

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