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November 28, 2012

How to Choose the Perfect Bed for Your Pet

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Pets work and play hard, and all that expended energy has to be replenished with good sleep! In fact, both dogs and cats sleep more hours than their humans, so having a comfortable place to bunk is important to the health and happiness of your pet. Even if your pet has trained you to allow them to sleep with you, they will appreciate having a comfortable place to rest during your active hours as well, particularly near the kitchen, in your office, and the den. The point is that they want to be near you! There are several things to consider when selecting a bed for your pet.

The Breed Large dog breedsare prone to hip and joint pain, so providing a comfortable mat or cot that relieves pressure points can make a huge difference in how your pet feels.Getting a properly-sized bed for your dog can also reduce bad behaviors such as jumping on or confiscating your fine furniture for their own use. A quality dog bed is an investment, but it will be less than a new couch.

Smaller dog breedsoften like nesting or bolster-style beds that they can curl up in and feel safe. Petite dogs sometimes have difficulty keeping warm, and these beds can assist in conserving body heat. These can usually be thrown in the washing machine for easy maintenance.

Consider the Bed Style Cotsare handy because they elevate your pet off of the ground to keep them clean and dry. They also keep dogs cool in the summer and off cold surfaces in the winter. They are portable for camping and traveling comfort. Cots can also be used indoors or outside. The other good thing about cots is the fact that they are less likely to be chewed up than the stuffed pillow types, and their materials are often quite durable and mildew resistant. Cold-weather breeds often prefer this style of bed over the pillow style because they don't retain heat. Simply hose these cots down and air dry for maintenance.

Crate Cushions are a great option for dogs who like to bed down in their crates. Simply measure the size of the crate bottom and find a corresponding size mat. These are also machine washable. We offer a variety of materials and sizes to suit many dogs and their crates. Some stay cool for the summer months or are good for cold-weather breeds that are always hot. Other crate cushions are more plush to retain heat for smaller, short-haired breeds.

Plush Beds look very comfortable, and we humans might assume this is the right style of bed for our pooches. It may very well be, but remember that some cold-weather breeds will get too hot in them, some dogs may confuse them with their stuffed animals and chew them up, and some of these larger beds aren't as easy to wash, unless they have a removable cover. Dogs that prefer plush beds are often older dogs that need extra warmth and comfort, and smaller ones who like to burrow into cushions for warmth.

Don't Forget Your Cats!

Cats enjoy special treatment too! We offer a variety of beds that appeal to those of the feline persuasion. Some are more like caves or tunnels to entice that inner jungle cat to feel hidden and protected. Some are window perches to let kitty look outside and bathe in the sun for a perfect nap.

I personally love this new Cat Trapeze/Hammock that we've just started carrying. It's the perfect alternative to your cat climbing your drapes! Cushions inserts are sold separately and can be filled at different lofts to suit every cat. Available in a two or three-tier style.

A well-rested cat is a happy cat, so  make sure you create safe spaces for them. My cats' favorite spot is on top of my cabinets. I placed a small crate mat up there to make it extra comfy for them, and they love it!

Cali and Ms. Boo

Pet beds are a wonderful investment in your pet's health, emotional wellness, and sense of security. We hope you'll enjoy perusing our wide selection of comfortable options that will suit any pet and your home's decor!

Where are your pet's favorite spots to sleep?


Linda Wenger on November 28 at 8:17 AM said:

What do you do when your dogs refuse to use a bed? Our eldest Sheltie won't even sleep on a towel, but prefers to sleep half way under our bed, usually right where I'll step on her if I get up in the middle of the night. We considered getting her a memory foam type bed, but they are awfully pricey, especially if she decides she won't use it. The Airedale has a nice big square cushion, and he has a nightly ritual of having me give him his scratches and tuck him in with his pillows and blankie. Another Sheltie sleeps in her bolster bed for a while and then moves to sleep on top of my sheer curtains where they are supposed to drape on the floor. GRRRR! Sheltoe fur isnt easy to remove! And our Schnoodle has a cave bed because she loves to sleep under covers of any kind. Around 3:30 am, she hops up into our bed and burrows down in for the rest of the night. At least she's not a restless sleeper.
Mary on November 28 at 12:26 PM said:

Wow! Sounds like you have some funny characters to cater to! You must love them a lot with all their adorable quirks! Sounds like life with dogs to me. Sorry I don't have any great suggestions. Anyone else have thoughts?
Marilyn on November 28 at 3:05 PM said:

My chihuahua alternately sleeps in her "Cave" or on top of it unles we are napping, too. Then she sleeps plastered against me in our bed. At night, for safety's sake (in case of fire or other disaster), she sleeps in a crate (lined with a very soft cushioning) on my bedside table.
wendye close on November 28 at 7:36 PM said:

My Honeysuckle Rose is a chihuahua, she has a baby bassinet that she sleeps in during the day and when I am busy with my sewing or watching TV it just sits by my chair. During the night she sleeps with me in her bed. But she is all so my Service Dog. In the bassinet I have a heating crate pad to keep her warm and her blankets.
Pet club India on December 4 at 1:25 AM said:

Excellent post about dog beds, you have a wide range of dog beds and dog accessories available for dogs - thanks pet Club India

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