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December 2, 2019

How To Choose The Perfect Gift For a Pet Lover!

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It's tough to find the right gift for the people you love. Shopping for pet lovers is fun because they get really excited about the dogs and cats they are passionate about. So if you choose the right gift for them or their pet, they'll be simply delighted.

On the other hand, if you miss the mark, you'll probably be aware of it even with your friend's best attempt to be gracious. It's definitely worth the risk to try. How can you choose the best gift for your dog or cat loving friend?

What Kind Of Pet Lover Is Your Friend?

We have all kinds of customers here at BaxterBoo. Some treat their pets like babies and dress their dogs in full outfits. Others love their pets just as much but would never think of putting pajamas on their furry companion. We have great gifts for any type of pet lover!

The Pocket Pet Lover

Some people take their little dogs with them everywhere they go. This type of person would love to have accessories that make it easy to keep their pet with them on all of their adventures.

The right carrier can make all of the difference! While we have a ton of dog Carriers, some of them are designed specifically to be discreet so that the public isn't tipped off to the fact that there's a fur baby on board.

For instance, the Mia Michele Bags By Doggie Design look like high-end handbags, but they are also purses for transporting your pup! Our customers say they really love the practical features that make these bags great for both the human and for the dog being carried.

Pouches for dog gear and padded slots for portable devices make staying organized a snap! Discreet air vents and styling will allow your friend to transport their pet without suspicion.

The outdoor Enthusiast

Some of our customers are outdoor enthusiasts that are looking for practical gear to help their dogs stay comfortable and safe in the elements. A great gift for this type of pet lover might be a Packable Rain Poncho or jacket.

We have all kinds of cool camping gear for dogs that help the focus stay on the fun. Insect Shield Products keep bugs off of dogs. A Pet First Aid Kit will provide your pet-loving outdoor adventurer peace of mind.

The World Traveler

For people who fly with their pets, having an Airline Approved Pet Carrier is a must. We have a nice selection of styles that will keep your friend's pet comfortable and make travel a breeze. Look for styles with Wheels !

Travel bowls, waste bag dispensers, and treats would make a great gift for these types of pet lovers!

The 'Fur Baby' Pet Lover

Many people think of their pets as their babies, and we have customers that take this mentality to heart. They may dress their dogs in clothing, use pet strollers, and or pet car seats

Some pets have to have this type of care due to health concerns, but other people simply like to treat their dogs this way. If you want to pamper this type of pet lover, you'll find plenty of items that will make them very happy!

Check out our Pet Strollers, and Pet Clothing to see all that we have to offer for the fur babies!

For the person that has everything for their dog... check out our Dog Nail Polish ! This formula dries quickly and can be used on human pedicures too!

Breed Enthusiast

Does your friend favor a particular dog breed? Do they show dogs, breed them or belong to a breed rescue? We have lots of items that will touch a breed fancier's heart.

We have Breed-Specific Tee Shirts For Humans that would be perfect!

This time of year, our dog breed Ornaments , Magnets , and Key Accessories are very popular, so shop early for best selection!

Treats And Toys Are Always Tops!

We have a nice selection of Pet Treat Gift Packs that will suit most any dog. Keep these gifts up high as the dog is likely to unwrap them prematurely.


Christmas Dog Toys are always a great idea. Chew Toys , Plush Toys , and Puzzle Dog Toys are just a few options! There's no such thing as too many dog toys!

Don't Forget Cat Lovers!

It's cool to be cat crazy these days, and we have plenty of stuff to support the habits of your cat-loving friends.Cat Toys, Cat Beds, Cat Collars , and Accessories will suit your feline fan purrfectly!

Show your support, even if you think they're a little crazy!

If you still don't know what the perfect gift might be for your pet-loving friend, may we suggest a Gift Certificate ? These can be printed or emailed for instant delivery. Without having to guess sizes, a gift certificate is sure to be the perfect fit!

The gift that keeps on giving

Another great gift idea is to donate to your friend's favorite pet cause. With a few questions and a little research, you'll be able to figure out where your friend's heart is.

A gift in your friend's name to the local shelter, a breed-specific rescue or other great cause will promote the spirit of the season!


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